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Best Way to Shake Things Up? A Shake Shack Fundraiser!

Posted by Kathryn Davis

How many times in your life have you successfully passed by a Shake Shack without first ducking inside to grab a burger or two? Never?


Because you’ve been such a loyal lover of Shake Shack, and because the restaurant loves its customers right back, Shake Shack has decided to pay it forward. The restaurant makes a point to “Stand for Something Good”–and so, Shake Shack will stand for your organization’s fundraising efforts!


When your group or organization hosts a Shake Shack fundraiser, you’ll walk away with an astounding 25% of your supporters’ total purchases. Here’s how to make it happen.

A Shake Shack fundraiser is a delicious option for groups looking to fundraiser.

The Shake Shack Fundraiser

When it comes to fundraising with Shake Shack, it’s impossible to find a downside. Hosting a Shake Shack fundraiser is fun, easy, and delicious–and above all, you’ll get to partner with a generous restaurant that’s seriously dedicated to making a positive impact.


Setting up your Shake Shack fundraising event is easy. It takes just 1 minute and looks like this:

  1. Select your favorite Shake Shack location 
  2. Pick a date and time that’s good for your group and its supporters
  3. Complete some basic information about your organization
  4. Submit!


In the weeks and days leading up to your event, just spread the word to your group’s supporters. Make flyers, social media posts, go door-to-door, and spread your event’s GroupRaise Meal Page so supporters can RSVP and get a reminder on the day of your event!

When the day arrives, come excited (along with your family, friends, and neighbors) to eat some delicious food from one of your most-craved restaurants! We’re talking burgers, crinkle fries, and every delicious bite between.

Stand for Something Good (And Delicious)

While most restaurants will donate between 10% and 20% of your supporters’ total purchases back to your group, Shake Shack takes things to an even more generous level by giving 25% back!

As if their burgers weren’t enough of a gift, right?!


With an average meal price of $11, 25% of each person’s total purchase means major profits for your group or organization. Multiply that profit by the how easy it is to gather people  for some fun and delicious food, and what do you get? A chance to change the world.


No matter what your group or organization stands for, you can feel proud to partner with Shake Shack. With community at its core, Shake Shack works to support hunger relief, arts and culture, education and family, the environment, animal welfare, and health–and now you!


As delicious as everything on Shake Shack’s menu is, the restaurant’s dedication to making a positive impact on the world may be even more satisfying.

A Shake Shack fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your cause!

Get Set with Shake Shack Fundraising

Two ingredients for a successful restaurant fundraiser: mouth-watering food and a generous host. With Shake Shack, your restaurant fundraiser comes, ready-made, with both!


Ready to partner with a service-minded restaurant that’s determined to help your group earn the big bucks? Organize your Shake Shack fundraiser, or explore hundreds of other restaurants that are ready to help your group change the world–one meal at a time!