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Strategic fundraising: the college student’s guide to the undercover fundraiser

Posted by Bennett Slavsky

Fundraise without organizing a fundraiser

Let’s face it; sometimes attending a fundraiser can seem like a chore. But going out for a burger with all of your friends after a grueling finals week…that’s not a chore, that’s a necessity, and a supreme example of strategic fundraising.

It takes just one minute to turn that fun-filled night out into a way to raise money through GroupRaise for school clubs, intermural sports teams, fraternities and sororities, or even a local charity like the Humane Society or Relay for Life.

Take advantage of existing events

Club meetings, intramural sport matches, weekly trivia night, Spring Fling, fraternity/sorority retreats, or even a friend’s birthday are all occasions where chances are you will already be going out. Take your pick of one of the GroupRaise restaurants near you that fits the needs and the vibes of your group to host that evening on the town and…BOOM!

Just like that you’ve turned that soirée into an undercover fundraiser! Why not make the most of these already existing social outings, and add strategic fundraising as a simple bonus?

Flip the promotion

A key factor of strategic fundraising is to market not what you want (people to show up, spend money and raise money for your cause), but market what they want.

“Hey, come out tonight! Relax and unwind a little bit. Let’s all go out for some food and a drink. Everyone is going to be there!”

Hone in on the fun and can’t-miss aspects of the evening and you will maximize your fundraising potential. Plan a themed night out or trivia night or just invite the most bodacious, contagiously outrageous, fun-loving people you know! College is stressful, and everyone loves and deserves a laughter-filled night off with good friends and good food.

Did you think of an event???

Turn your next night out into an undercover fundraiser here!