Meat Up and Give Back: The Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser

Posted by Bennett Slavsky

The Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser can provide you with one of the only things more satisfying than eating a juicy, thick-cut steak–eating a juicy, thick cut steak for a good cause. Read this beefy blog post to learn how to easily raise money with Texas Roadhouse.


The Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser

There are actually two types of Texas Roadhouse Fundraisers: the restaurant style fundraiser and the write-in fundraiser.


The Restaurant Style Fundraiser

The Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your organization.

The first method allows you to host a hassle-free fundraiser at the Texas Roadhouse of your choice. Thanks to their partnership with GroupRaise, placing an event request takes less than one minute and works like this:

  1. Select a location near you
  2. Choose a date and time
  3. Press submit!

Once you’ve chosen a desired location, date, and time that works for your organization, the next step is to spread the word. Tell any and all group members, friends, family, coworkers, and potential supporters that would be interested in indulging in some steak for a good cause.


On the day of your Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser, supporters come together at your chosen location during the given time frame and tell their server that they are a part of the fundraiser. It’s that simple!


After the fundraiser, Texas Roadhouse will donate 15% of the total sales from your event back to your chosen cause within four to six weeks. With average meal prices at $14, this can be an easy way to earn great money for your cause!


The fundraising requests must be made at least two weeks before the desired fundraising date, in order for the restaurant to have enough time to prepare for the event, as well as for you to have enough time to spread the word to as many supporters as possible.


The restaurant style fundraiser is one of the best fundraising ideas for groups that value spending time together.  What better reason is there to gather around a table and share a meal with friends and family than raising money for a good cause?


The Write-In Fundraiser

The Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your organization.

Texas Roadhouse places a high value on giving back to the community, which is the heart of the write-in-for-donation fundraiser. For this fundraiser, you compose a written letter to the Managing Partner of your local Texas Roadhouse requesting a donation. This donation could be in dollars, gift certificates, or food.


Texas Roadhouse asks that you submit the request on your organization’s official letterhead and include the following information:

  • The charitable organization’s full name
  • Address
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • The donation request
  • Date the donation is needed
  • Purpose of use


Donation requests must be made at least 30 days before when the donation is needed. Texas Roadhouse unfortunately cannot say “yes” to every request that is made, and decisions are made by the individual location. Reach out to a Texas Roadhouse near you to see if your cause is eligible for donation!



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