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The Best Fundraising Ideas For Work

Posted by Katie Tincello

Hosting a fundraiser at work can be a very effective way of raising for a cause. Alongside the fundraising benefits, a work fundraiser also provides a fun break from the normal 9 to 5 and is a fantastic way to connect with colleagues. 


There are so many great fundraising ideas for work to choose from, ranging from delicious foodie fundraisers to sweepstakes, zoom fundraising ideas, and corporate fundraisers. Whatever the size, demographic, and interests of your office, there are workplace fundraiser ideas suitable for all.


This article includes some of the best fundraising ideas for work to help you find the best option. There is also some information for nonprofits on how to organize a corporate fundraiser with a company to raise big for your chosen cause.


So round up your colleagues and choose one of these work fundraising ideas to support a local charity!


Choosing Your Work Fundraiser Ideas

When choosing which of the many work fundraiser ideas will be best for your event, consider the type of people your colleagues are and what is most suitable for your workplace. 


There are many simple fundraising ideas for offices that are convenient for busier offices, such as bake sales, Donut fundraisers, or sweepstakes. Alternatively, there are also many more adventurous office fundraising ideas that can be great fun for the whole team, and you’ll find that colleagues will love the opportunity to do something a little different, especially for charity. 


Other aspects to consider when choosing work fundraising event ideas are cost, flexibility of people’s schedules to take part in your fundraiser, and the ease of organizing. The following office fundraising ideas are all relatively low cost and simple, perfect for busy people in a busy office!


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Top Fundraising Ideas For Offices

Check out these fantastic, easy fundraising ideas for offices that will take your fundraiser to the next level.


Restaurant Fundraiser 

One of the easiest fundraising ideas for the workplace, a restaurant fundraiser is an excuse to enjoy a delicious meal while supporting a great cause. Choose from one of the many local restaurants near you, book a date, and invite your colleagues to join you for lunch or an evening. A percentage of all sales made through your event will be donated back to your cause!



Person Holding Pastry Dishes on White Ceramic Plates

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Shocking Shirt Day

Wear it loud and proud with this fun work fundraiser idea. On a specific day, everyone wears their most outrageous shirt or jumper and donates an amount to raise for your cause. Most shocking shirt wins a prize!


Office Workshop or Masterclass

Organize a workshop or masterclass for your colleagues as a fun and creative fundraising idea for the office! If you have a special talent, you could host it yourself, or outsource a teacher for an activity such as yoga, cooking, or painting. Invite your colleagues to join the event, either during a lunch hour or one evening, to learn a new skill and support your cause.


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Raffle fundraiser

Raffle events are one of the easiest work fundraiser ideas for a big crowd. Collect donations for prizes, such as food, wine, cosmetics, or other luxury items, and sell raffle tickets throughout the office. You can organize the raffle draw at coffee hour or lunch break, and also email round the winning numbers to make sure no one misses out on their prize!


Creative Employee Fundraising Ideas

These employee fundraising ideas are fantastic fundraisers that the whole team can take part in individually, perfect for larger offices!


Sports Tournament

Organize a sport tournament that anyone in the company can sign up to. Choose a sport – tennis, basketball, or football, and encourage everyone to join in. Create teams (if necessary) and schedule your matches for one day after work or on a weekend. Participants donate to take part, spectators are welcome, and everyone can enjoy some friendly competition to raise for a cause while getting active!


Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens 

A great way to connect with colleagues and raise funds, a Digital Dozens event is one of the easiest office fundraiser ideas! With Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens, colleagues can purchase a box of Original Glazed donuts to share with their department, friends, or family, and up to 70% of sales will be donated back to your cause!



A Digital Dozens fundraiser is the perfect employee fundraiser idea that the whole office can enjoy with relative ease. It’s also guaranteed for success – who can resist delicious donuts?!


Person Holding Box of Donuts

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Donation Drive

Donation drives are easy in-office fundraising ideas that are very simple to organize. Advertise your donation drive to employees via email and flyers in the office, stating where, when, and what you are collecting. Employees bring in their donations on the specific day and you can coordinate with volunteers or your chosen charity for collection of the donations.


The Great Office Bake-off 

An office bake-off is a super fun fundraising idea for work that is both delicious and effective! Set a date for your event and invite employees to bake their hearts out for a winning prize. The office can vote for their favourite using a dollar bill to raise funds, and afterwards everyone gets to sample the bakes! 


For a festive twist, make it a themed bake-off, such as a Pumpkin Pie competition, or traditional Christmas bakes.


A Baker Making a Cake in a Kitchen

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Fun Zoom Fundraising ideas for work teams

There are plenty of work fundraising ideas that can be virtual too! Check out these zoom fundraising ideas for events you can host anywhere and everywhere.


Online quiz night 

Test your knowledge with a virtual quiz night that employees can all take part in from their own homes. Find a quiz online or write your own, and invite your colleagues to enter for a small donation and the promise of a winning prize. 


Restaurant fundraiser – take out

A restaurant fundraiser can also be a great zoom fundraising idea. Many restaurants offer takeout, drive-thru, or curbside pickup options alongside the traditional dine-in, so colleagues can enjoy their food at home too. 


Organizing your restaurant fundraiser virtually also means that more of your colleagues can take part and is especially good for larger offices! Choose a restaurant that offers take-out options, select a date, and set up a zoom dinner date for colleagues to join, enjoy their food, and chat too. You could even pair it with an online quiz to make it a real event!



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If there’s an upcoming sports season, such as football, baseball, or the NFL, turn it into an office sweepstake to raise for your cause! A sweepstake is a great virtual fundraising idea that is easy to organize with the help of sites such Woobox. Everyone who enters is allocated a team and pays a donation. Make it more fun by setting up virtual zoom sessions to watch your teams compete!


Corporate Fundraisers For Nonprofits

A corporate fundraiser is a highly effective way that nonprofits can raise funds with the support of larger companies. With a corporate fundraiser, a charity partners with a larger business who are willing to provide resources, support, or funds for the chosen cause, depending on what type of fundraiser you are doing.


There are many ways to organize a corporate fundraiser, with different levels of involvement of the corporation. Get in touch with different companies to see who would be keen to partner with you and support your cause!


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Some ideas for a corporate fundraiser include:

    • Donation matching: for every dollar raised by your nonprofit that month or for an event, the company matches or even doubles the donation.
    • Charity of the year: Partner with a company to hold various fundraisers throughout the year, engaging with employees to raise funds and volunteer to support your cause.
    • Payroll pledge: Employees pledge to give a percentage of their payroll that month to your cause.
    • Conscious challenges: The whole company pledges to raise funds through a conscious challenge, such as plastic-free month, cycle to work schemes, or similar!


Let’s work together!

Organizing a fundraising idea for work is a fantastic way to raise awareness of a cause and engage colleagues in fundraising activities. They can be super fun events that the whole office gets involved with, and more people means more funds for your chosen cause!


Make sure to check out restaurants near you where you can host your work fundraiser event, as well as the amazing Digital Dozens campaign with Krispy Kreme!



With so many great options, you’re sure to find the perfect place for your office fundraiser. With good food, good friends, and funds for your cause, there is no better office fundraiser idea!