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The Best Practices For Giving Tuesday 2023

Posted by Katie Tincello

Giving Tuesday 2023, a day of global giving and donation, is fast approaching. Now is the time to think ahead and plan your fundraising events to make the most of this day and kickstart the giving season that follows.


Over the past years, Giving Tuesday has become a globally recognized event that is observed by more than 60 countries worldwide. It is a day that encourages people to do good, whether that be collaboratively with a nonprofit or charity group, and as an individual, donating and celebrating generosity.


As a charity group, nonprofit, or community organization, Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to put together a fundraiser event to raise awareness of your cause and begin one of the most active fundraising seasons of the year.  


This post contains everything you need to know about Giving Tuesday 2023 and how you can organize a fundraiser event for your group.


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What is Giving Tuesday


Sometimes also called Charity Tuesday, Giving Tuesday is an international day of giving, donating, and volunteering that encourages people to give back in whatever way they can. It was first started in 2012 and has now become a global movement that is supporting nonprofits and promoting awareness of charity work worldwide. 


Fundamentally, Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for nonprofits to promote greater awareness of charity work and their social action campaigns, as well as encourage people to donate or take part in activities that support the work of these organizations.


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Giving Tuesday follows on from Thanksgiving. Individuals are encouraged to turn their attention to those who are not as fortunate as themselves, give back, and share in generosity. As Giving Tuesday also falls at the very end of November, it is also seen as the start of the traditional giving season of December, also known as the ‘Month of Giving’, where many increase their charitable donations alongside Christmas festivities.


When is Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday falls on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, usually the last Tuesday of the month of November. This year, Giving Tuesday 2023 is Tuesday the 28th of November. The specific date changes each year in line with the date of Thanksgiving.


Organizing a Giving Tuesday fundraiser


There are many ways to celebrate the day of giving. Organizing a Giving Tuesday fundraiser is a fantastic opportunity for nonprofits and charity groups to raise awareness, raise funds, and connect with the local community. Take advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend to engage with your supporters and further spread the feeling of thankfulness and gratitude!


When it comes to Giving Tuesday fundraiser ideas, choose an event that targets your local community and focuses on giving back to those around you. Reach out to small businesses and partner with them to create a fundraiser that the whole community benefits from and will want to support.


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As Giving Tuesday is such a huge event, globally as well as nationally, you can take advantage of social media platforms and hashtags to promote awareness for your fundraiser and encourage more donations. 


Create posts and use hashtags such as #dayofgiving and #givingtuesday2023 to reach more people and get trending. This will bring in more participants and boost the success of your fundraiser!


The best Giving Tuesday fundraising ideas


Here are our top Giving Tuesday fundraising ideas for your group, nonprofit, or charity.


Set up a donation page

Setting up a donation page is one of the simplest ways to fundraise on charity Tuesday. You can use online sites such as GoFundMe and JustGiving to allow your supporters to make a seasonal donation on this particular day of charity.


Restaurant Fundraiser 

A restaurant fundraiser meal is the perfect Giving Tuesday fundraiser! It continues in the theme of sharing food with friends that Thanksgiving also focuses on, and is a great way to spend time with friends and family over the long weekend. 


There are some great restaurants that offer fundraisers. Book an event and invite your community and supporters to eat out for a cause. A percentage of all sales made through your event will be donated back to your organization.



A restaurant fundraiser is also an event that benefits the whole community by supporting local business and involving those closest to your cause!


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A raffle is a fantastic fundraiser event, and an easy Giving Tuesday fundraiser idea. Gather donations to auction off and sell raffle tickets throughout your local community. All proceeds go to the charity.


Donation drive 

Thanksgiving is traditionally a weekend that centres around food. Why not expand on this and also turn it into a Giving Tuesday fundraiser? Organize a donation drive in your community asking individuals to donate food items for the homeless or those living in poverty. As Thanksgiving is a time of food abundance, this is a great way for people to give back and share the love!


Check out this article for more details about How to host a Donation Drive, as well as other donation drive ideas.


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Fun Run fundraiser

After all that delicious food, it might be time to get outside for some physical activity! A Fun Run fundraiser is one of the easiest Giving Tuesday fundraiser ideas your organization can hold. It’s so simple to set up and can bring in a lot of funds as each participant asks for sponsorship as well as paying an entrance fee!


Decide the distance and outline the course and spread the word to encourage as many people as possible to sign up! Perhaps even add a competitive edge and award a prize for top 3 men and women.


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How to create a giving Tuesday fundraiser on Facebook 

One really great way to organize a day of giving fundraiser is through social media platforms such as Facebook. Any individual or group can create a fundraiser campaign on Facebook and share it for all to see. 


Not sure how to create a Giving Tuesday 2023 fundraiser on Facebook? It’s very easy, don’t worry! 


Simply go to the drop down menu and scroll until you find ‘Fundraisers’. Here you can create a fundraiser event and include a description of your organization, what you do, and why you’re raising funds. Facebook also provides everything your supporters need to make a donation online.


Creating an online Giving Tuesday fundraiser is a very effective way of raising funds for your cause. It’s so easily shareable and everyone who follows you online will see the campaign. You can also include links in your charity’s newsletter if you have one, or share the event page on other social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram.


You can find more tips about online fundraiser campaigns in this article.


Our favourite Giving Tuesday quotes

You can’t have a national day of giving without some suitably motivational and humbling quotes to encourage the people! 


These quotes, collected from some of the world’s leading charity activists and humanitarian leaders are perfect for using in your day of giving fundraiser campaigns. They demonstrate the importance of giving as a means of supporting others and highlight the value that charitable action can bring to everyone’s lives. 


Here are our top Giving Tuesday quotes:


quote 1. Giving Tuesday


quote2. Giving Tuesday


quote 3



A Day of Giving to remember

This article should leave you feeling ready to plan your Giving Tuesday fundraiser to raise awareness, bring in some funds, and connect with your organization’s supporters. 


The importance of raising public awareness of nonprofits and charitable organizations in the local community shouldn’t be overlooked. Giving Tuesday is one of the calendar events designed to do just that. With an engaging fundraiser event, some publicity, and community spirit, your organization can utilize Giving Tuesday 2023 to kickstart a super-seaon of generosity, charity, and donations. 


A restaurant fundraiser is the perfect event to bring all these together, so make sure you check out which restaurants near you are offering fundraiser meals for your Giving Tuesday 2023 event. 



And if you’re still looking for inspiration for fundraiser ideas or need some extra info on how to publicize a fundraiser, raise awareness, or book a restaurant fundraiser meal, the GroupRaise blog is full of great articles and advice.


Let’s make this year’s day of giving one remember!