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The Ultimate Guide To A Fresh Brothers Fundraiser

Posted by Katie Tincello

All great pizza fans on the West coast have heard of Fresh Brothers pizza! The Californian-twist on the classic Chicago-style pizza is a sure winner, and together with their extensive menu that caters for all taste buds and diets, it’s the perfect place to host Fresh Brothers fundraiser with friends and family for a cause you care about.


If you’ve never hosted a charity event at a restaurant before, then a Fresh Brothers fundraiser is definitely the place to start. It’s hard to think of someone who doesn’t like pizza, which is why a Fresh Brothers fundraiser is the perfect choice for your nonprofit or charity! 


This article contains everything you need to know about organizing and hosting a restaurant fundraiser and why they are so successful. Find out all about the Fresh Brothers community fundraising programs and also how to book your Fresh Brothers fundraiser and join the family!


The Fresh Brothers story

Fresh Brothers is a well known pizza restaurant that first opened in Chicago. Brothers Scott and Adam Goldberg were inspired to take the traditional Chicago-style pizzas to the West Coast and so developed their own Californian twist to the classic recipe.


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The first Fresh Brothers pizza restaurant opened in 2009, and the chain now has 19 locations across Los Angeles, The Valley, Orange County, and San Diego. Their pizzas were also voted “South Chicago’s Best Pizza” – a serious gold star of approval!


But Fresh Brothers is about more than just pizza. Across the West coast, Fresh Brothers restaurants play an active role in the local communities where they are based, with important charitable and community fundraising projects. Fresh Brothers pizza restaurants are proud to support their communities and give back, regularly donating to important local causes and helping with volunteering projects such as education schemes for kids.


A big part of their charity work is the Fresh Brother community fundraising program, which enables individuals and nonprofits to fundraise for their chosen cause with a Fresh Brothers restaurant fundraiser event. 


Fresh Brothers fundraisers are possible at different Fresh Brothers locations and provide the perfect way to fundraise for local groups, nonprofits, and individuals. With a hugely varied Fresh Brothers menu, there’s something for everyone. A Fresh Brothers restaurant fundraiser is sure to be a huge success for any charity group – what could be better than delicious pizza for a good cause?!


Fresh Brothers Community Fundraising Projects

Fresh Brothers is committed to supporting the local community at all of its 19 locations across the US. The Fresh Brothers community fundraising projects include food auction donations, local volunteering, community events, and restaurant fundraisers. 


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At various Fresh Brothers locations, you can put in a request for a food collection drive where the restaurant will donate food stuffs to your chosen cause. Their volunteering projects include supporting local charities and nonprofits with community initiatives such as education projects for kids.


Fresh Brothers community fundraising also involves taking part in community events or enabling individuals to host their own with a restaurant fundraiser! With a Fresh Brothers meal organized through GroupRaise, any charity or nonprofit group can put on a fundraising event and receive a percentage of all sales from Fresh Brothers pizza back to their cause. 



It’s a great initiative that has been tried and tested up and down the country with great success! Organizing a restaurant fundraiser is actually really easy, especially with GroupRaise here to help. Everything from booking your event to telling friends, family, and supporters about your event is made super simple, and you’ll receive a publication kit too, to make sure that you get the most out of your Fresh Brothers fundraiser.


Fresh Brothers Fundraiser: The Details

Hosting a Fresh Brothers fundraiser is as easy as pie! GroupRaise enables nonprofits, individuals and other groups interested in fundraising to organize a fundraiser event at various restaurants across the US with just the click of a button. 

How to organize a Fresh Brothers fundraiser

On GroupRaise, you can search the Fresh Brothers locations and use the calendar to select a date for your event. Follow the steps and book your event on your chosen day and location.


Once your event is booked in, you will be sent the complete GroupRaise publicity pack to help you start spreading the word about your fundraiser


The pack includes various marketing tools such as flyers, videos and social media captions to help you reach as many people with news of your event. There is also a suggested timeline for the different steps of marketing and publicity, providing the perfect step-by-step guide to advertising your meal!


Check out this article about ‘How to host a Successful Fundraiser’ for more information.


How does a Fresh Brothers fundraiser work?

Anyone who comes along to your Fresh Brothers fundraiser will be able to order their favourite dish from the Fresh Brothers pizza menu, and 20% of all sales will be donated back to your cause.


The great thing about Fresh Brothers is that their extensive menu caters to all diets and tastes. The Fresh Brothers vegan pizza menu is huge compared to other pizza outlets, and they also have a Fresh Brothers Keto pizza and an incredible Fresh brothers deep dish pizza too!


There is no shortage of options when it comes to the Fresh Brothers menu, which makes it the perfect place to host a foodie fundraiser event.


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And for those who still want to take part in your charity fundraiser but can’t get down to a restaurant, there is the option to order a Fresh Brothers delivery using your event’s unique code. It works in just the same way, but people can enjoy their Fresh Brothers pizza from home instead!



A Fresh way to fundraise

A restaurant fundraiser is one of the simplest and easiest ways to fundraise, especially with GroupRaise here to take you through each step of the process! And Fresh Brothers is the perfect place for your fundraiser event! With their dedication to community projects, extensive charity work, and brand partnership with GroupRaise, Fresh Brothers pizza is committed to supporting fundraising efforts in every way.



Hundreds of nonprofits, charities, PTA, clubs, schools, and community groups have hosted successful fundraiser events at local restaurants across the country with GroupRaise, and you can check out some of their success stories on the GroupRaise blog here


So what are you waiting for? Book your Fresh Brothers fundraiser today and get raising in a fresh and delicious way!