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The Ultimate Krispy Kreme Fundraising Guide

Krispy Kreme fundraising is one of the easiest ways to gather donations for your organization. Discover the ins and outs of how a Krispy Kreme doughnut fundraiser operates in this article, which includes comparisons of the Traditional Dozens fundraiser program and the Digital Dozens fundraising program, to help you choose the best fundraising option for your organization. 


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Whether you’re a die-hard doughnut enthusiast or just looking for a reason to savor those classic treats, a Krispy Kreme fundraiser is always a great choice. It’s an easy, low-effort and convenient way to raise funds for your organization.


Learn everything you need to know about hosting a Krispy Kreme fundraiser by reading on! We’ve compiled all the essential information, fundraising insights, and handy tips to make your experience seamless and rewarding.


Everything You Need To Know About The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Fundraiser

Krispy Kreme has been around for more than 75 years, which means they have a long story to tell that involves millions of doughnuts sold to happy families. 


Through their traditional dozens fundraising program, they have been supporting the community for over 50 years


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Krispy Kreme fundraising was created in 1955 to provide a way for qualifying community organizations to raise funds for their causes. According to the Krispy Kreme website last year alone, Krispy Kreme Fundraising helped organizations raise approximately $37 million to support their initiatives. 


The traditional Krispy Kreme fundraising program is a tried and true community hit because for generations, people have loved purchasing doughnuts and knowing a percentage of the order goes to a good cause.


How the Traditional Dozens Fundraiser Works

Krispy Kreme fundraising, managed by local Krispy Kreme stores, has been assisting nonprofit organizations, college and school clubs, churches, and other groups to raise funds for decades. But do you know how their traditional dozens fundraiser works? Here is what you need to know!


Krispy Kreme offers various local fundraising programs to suit different needs. You can choose a One-Day Sale or decide to collect orders in advance through Kispy Kreme’s Pre-Sell option. 


The Pre-Sell Fundraiser

Krispy Kreme’s Pre-Sell fundraiser is a great choice for an extended fundraising window and to purchase only as many products as you need.


Step-by-Step instructions:

  1. Download Order Form – Select products and download forms to help you track sales
  2. Spread The Word – Share your fundraiser with family, friends and your local community
  3. Tally And Deliver – When your fundraiser ends, tally the sales and place your order to distribute 


One-Day Sale

Krispy Kreme’s One-Day Sale fundraiser is fun and fast! 


Pick a day and location for your fundraiser, purchase a selection of available Krispy Kreme products, and watch the dozens disappear.


All you’ll have to do is:

  1. Plan – Select a safe, convenient location and date for your one-day sale.
  2. Order – Submit your Krispy Kreme order online, by phone or at your local shop and schedule pick-up or delivery, if available.
  3. Sell – With your Krispy Kreme products in hand, set up your location and watch as the doughnuts sell themselves!

While Krispy Kreme’s traditional fundraisers have provided sporting clubs, schools and community organizations with the opportunity to raise some much needed dough over the years, virtual fundraising has recently surged in popularity, and Krispy Kreme is right at the forefront, embracing the trend with enthusiasm.


Read on to learn about the Digital Dozens fundraising program!


Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens: Making Fundraising Effortless

There are two digital variations of the Krispy Kreme fundraiser. One is hosted directly with Krispy Kreme and can be considered more of a hybrid between the traditional and the digital format. The second is hosted through the official GroupRaise and Krispy Kreme partnership, with the aim to streamline the experience. 


The main difference between the two programs is the following:

  • Krispy Kreme: the organizer collects orders and payments from individual supporters. The organizer then sends this information to Krispy Kreme. Once received, Krispy Kreme emails the redemption codes to the organizer. The organizer then distributes them to their supporters based on their purchases.


  • GroupRaise x Krispy Kreme: this partnership streamlines the operations process with no order or payment collection necessary. Supporters simply purchase their dozens via the organization’s custom sales page and receive their redemption codes automatically upon purchase. The organizer focuses on spreading the word, using 20+ promotional tools designed for their campaign. At the end of their fundraiser, the organizer receives a check for their total donation.


The Krispy Kreme and GroupRaise Digital Dozens program was launched in 2022 and is a dynamic partnership that blends the appeal of Krispy Kreme’s treats with the convenience of digital fundraising. This collaboration embraces modern fundraising trends, making it simple for organizations to engage both local and remote supporters in their organization’s endeavors!


Whether you are fundraising on behalf of your school, religious group, sports team, or charitable organization, a Digital Dozens fundraiser can be just the ticket for you! Let’s dive into the experience of hosting a campaign with Krispy Kreme and GroupRaise. 



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How To Enroll in a Krispy Kreme x GroupRaise Digital Dozens Fundraiser

The Krispy Kreme and GroupRaise Digital Dozens fundraising program is here to prove that supporting a cause doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s super simple, quick and effective. And it’s really delicious!!


The high level breakdown: all you’ll have to do is enroll, share with your community, enjoy your delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts and collect your check. That’s it!


The full breakdown involves these steps here:


  1. Request a campaign – here you’ll be asked to set the donation goal, doughnut price and campaign start date.
  2. Share your Purchase Page – once your fundraiser is live, you’ll receive a custom sales page where supporters across the country can claim their dozens. 
  3. Get your organization involved – Add team members to your campaign to exponentially increase awareness of your fundraiser
  4. Enjoy delicious doughnuts with your supporters!
  5. Collect your check – Once the end date has passed, you will receive an email with the results of your campaign and a check will be mailed for your total donation.


No more collecting individual payments, tracking and sending out redemption codes, or dealing with order minimums. A serious perk of the Digital Dozens campaign! 


Quick note: Once you’ve enrolled in a Digital Dozens fundraiser, your campaign will typically be approved within 1-3 business days. You will receive an email notification when your campaign is approved and then it’s time to promote!


Let’s Talk About The Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Price

Regarding the Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Price, the math is really simple. It costs nothing to set up your Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens fundraiser on GroupRaise. For real! The only cost you and your supporters will have is that of the delicious dozens you buy.


The Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Pricing Guide for Donations

How much your organization raises from a Digital Dozens fundraiser depends on a variety of factors, including the dozen price you set at the beginning of your campaign. 


You have the option to set the price of your dozens between $9.00 and $30.00. The difference between the cost and the price you set is your organization’s profit.


On the table below you can see the correlation between dozen price and donation percentage to get an idea. 


Dozens PriceDonation
$9.00over 15%
$9.50over 20%
$10.50over 25%
$11.00over 30%
$12.00over 33%
$13.00over 40%
$17.00over 55%
$21.00over 60%
$22.00over 65%
$27.00over 70%


A $15.00 dozen is generally recommended, to generate the best results for your organization. 


Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Flyer Template

When you create a Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens campaign, you receive a custom promo kit with 20+ tools to help you spread the word! The kit includes printable flyers, social media posts, videos, and captions, as well as templates for text and email blasts to your network.


Krispy Kreme Digital Dozen campaign - Promo Tool

Social Media Feed Image – Promo Tool Example.


You can find more details about the Krispy Kreme promo tools in this article


See Donations Grow At A Krispy Kreme Near Me!

If this article has done its job, you’ve now discovered everything you need to know about  Krispy Kreme Fundraising and how to launch a campaign that best suits your organization’s needs without a headache. 


A Krispy Kreme fundraiser is a classic for a reason and undeniably one of the sweetest ways to raise donations for a cause you care about. 




The Traditional Dozens Fundraiser: Krispy Kreme offers their doughnuts to non-profit groups at a reduced price, which are then resold for full retail price, or slightly higher. In this program you’ll need to tally up your orders and deliver doughnuts to your supporters. A great option to physically engage your community! 


The Krispy Kreme and GroupRaise Digital Dozens Fundraising Program: Through this partnership all you’ll have to do is launch your campaign online, share with your community, enjoy your delicious doughnuts, and receive your check. No more collecting individual payments, tracking and sending out redemption codes, or dealing with order minimums. That’s what GroupRaise is for, and it’s easy as that!


Ready to take your fundraising game to the next level? It’s time to host a Krispy Kreme fundraiser and turn your supporters’ cravings into contributions! With just a few clicks, you can set up a virtual fundraiser that offers the irresistible delight of a dozen Original Glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme. Engage your community, near and far, in a seamless and delectable fundraising experience. 


Whether it’s for your school, nonprofit, or any cause close to your heart, this innovative campaign combines the joy of giving with the pleasure of enjoying a treat. Launch your Digital Dozens campaign today and watch your funds rise as doughnuts delight!



If you do have more questions about the Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens program, be sure to check out this FAQ


So what are you waiting for? Let’s raise some dough!