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Top Booster Club Fundraisers

Posted by Katie Tincello

Whether supporting a sports team, athletics club, or school group, fundraising is a huge part of a booster club’s role. But alongside that, a booster club fundraiser can be an effective way to raise awareness for the club and gain more support from friends, family, and team fans. It’s important to consider what type of event could gain good publicity for the club as well as raise funds. 


There are lots of popular booster club fundraising ideas that work well to raise funds and increase support. From community fundraisers to sponsored activities, food stalls, and club stash, there are lots of options to choose from.


Pairing a booster club fundraiser with a sports match works well for athletic booster clubs because all the team’s supporters are gathered together. Similarly, selling club kit with the team logo is another great option to encourage a club’s fans.


We’ve put together the best booster club fundraising ideas for your school, sports team or athletics club so that you can get fundraising for your cause!


Booster club fundraiser ideas

Thinking up new booster club fundraising ideas can be a bit of a challenge at times, and knowing which fundraiser idea will work the best can be difficult.


Booster club fundraisers should be something fun that engages with the community, attracts supporters, and gets people donating. 


To help you host your fundraiser there are several resources you can take advantage of to make your event more successful. Setting up an online donation page could be a smart move to make donating easier for participants, and make use of social media to publicise your event to friends, family and supporters.


Check out this article for some good tips and tricks for publicising your fundraiser event. 


Whether you’re looking for ideas for school booster club fundraisers or are stuck on athletic booster club fundraisers, we’ve got you covered with the best, most enjoyable, and most effective fundraising activities to choose from in this article. 


So grab your team and let’s get fundraising!


School booster club fundraisers

These school booster club fundraisers are some of the best events for raising funds and support for your school club.


Restaurant fundraiser

A restaurant fundraiser is a fun and delicious fundraising idea for school booster clubs. Enjoy a night off cooking and treat the family to a delicious restaurant meal, either dine-in or take out.


There are lots of restaurants to choose from to host your fundraiser. Choose a day and a percentage of all sales will be donated back to your cause from any orders made with your club.



Outdoor table with food idea for school booster club fundraisers

Photo by Luisa Brimble on Unsplash


Coin Drive

Make use of all that change sitting about the house and host a coin drive to raise for your booster club! 


A coin drive is an easy and effective booster club fundraiser and great for school clubs because kids will enjoy participating. Ask the children to bring in loose change from home and collect to raise for your cause.


Gift wrap fundraiser

Gift wrap booster club fundraisers are a very popular fundraising method. During the holiday season there is no end of present wrapping to do, and it can be quite time-consuming!


Get the team together and offer to wrap presents for a small donation fee. For maximum effect, ask a mall or local business their permission to set up a booth near their shop and catch shoppers as they go.


Lilac and blue wrapping paper that has covered a box part of a gift wrapping fundraiser

Photo by Susie Ho on Unsplash


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Athletic booster club fundraisers

When it comes to athletic booster club fundraisers, the key is to organize a fundraiser that will appeal to your club’s fans and supporters. This can be as simple as a food stall at a club match or creating and selling club stash for members and fans.


There are so many options to choose from, and we’ve helpfully organised them into cheer booster club fundraisers and football booster club fundraisers.


You can also check out this article for more great tips on hosting sports and athletic booster club fundraisers.


Cheer booster club fundraisers

Here are our top cheer booster club fundraisers:


Restaurant fundraiser 

A restaurant fundraiser is a perfect cheer booster club fundraiser. Get all the team, their friends, family, and supporters out celebrating with a delicious restaurant meal!


Choose a restaurant giving back and select a date for your event. Don’t forget to publicise it across social media channels for optimal fundraiser success!



Charity Showcase

As cheer clubs are often performing or competing, why not host a charity showcase to show off the team’s hard work and prep? 


If the team often has to travel for competitions, this is also a great opportunity for family and friends to see the team perform if they can’t accompany them to a competition.


Choose an evening for the showcase and charge a small donation fee for entry. Why not pair it with a club stash sale too?


Cheer booster fundraising idea. Group of cheerleaders in competition with 3 girls in the air above their team

Photo by Clayton Scelzi on Unsplash


Club stash fundraiser

Paint the town bright with your cheer team’s colours! Creating team stash is easier than ever before with so many companies online that offer bespoke T-shirts, hoodies, bottles, caps, mugs, and more. 


You could either order a bulk load of stash in varying sizes and colours to sell at a game or set up an online store and publicise it to the team’s supporters to raise funds.


Food stall fundraiser

Setting up a food stall at a club match is one of the most simple and effective booster club fundraisers. Tempt club fans with baked goods or lemonade to enjoy while they watch the match and raise for your club!


Food stalls are one of the best booster club fundraisers for athletics clubs and always raise a good amount of funds!


Outdoor food stand with girl on her bicycle making a purchase

Photo by Sinitta Leunen on Unsplash


Football booster club fundraiser 

Here are our top football booster club fundraisers:


Restaurant fundraiser 

Celebrate a team win by organizing a restaurant fundraiser one evening after a match or training. A restaurant fundraiser is a perfect way to celebrate success and bring the team together.



Many restaurants also now offer takeout or drive-thru alongside dine-in options if that is more convenient for your club.


Car wash 

Another great football booster club fundraiser! Organising a car wash to raise funds for your club is so easy to do and always a great success. 


Set up in the parking lot of your school or club grounds, or ask permission to go to a supermarket and catch shoppers. Get the whole team involved and see how much you can raise.


Man hand washing car part of a car wash, a good booster club fundraiser

Photo by Elly Johnson on Unsplash


Second-hand sale

Another great booster club fundraiser is a second-hand sale or ‘car boot’ sale. Take a rummage through your cupboards at home and gather up old books, jigsaws, toys, and the likes that are still in good condition but that you no longer use. 


Arrange a time and place, publicise the event, and set up your second-hand stall. Raise funds for the club and also help the planet by selling items to another home instead of throwing them away.


Boost your club!

So there you have it, some great booster club fundraising ideas to choose from and get started with your fundraising! With these ideas, we’re sure you will host a great fundraiser to raise funds and support your booster club.


While you’re here, be sure to check out restaurants near you where your club can host their booster club fundraiser. A restaurant fundraiser is one of the easiest, and definitely the most delicious, fundraiser event!



And don’t forget, for more fundraising ideas and resources, check out the GroupRaise blog! We have lots of useful tips and tricks to make sure your event is a success.