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Top Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofits

Posted by Katie Tincello

If you’re looking to find out how to raise money for charity, then look no further! We’ve put together the best fundraising ideas for nonprofits to help you out.


Fundraising ideas for nonprofits are an important part of fundraising strategy to help support vital community work. However, it can be difficult to find the right charity event that will enable you to raise funds at low cost and with maximum ease. 


Alongside the classic fundraising strategies, there are many inventive and fun charity events and fundraisers you can do to raise for your cause. 


From bake sale fundraising ideas to church group fundraising ideas, you can find everything you need to get started with your fundraising in this article. These fundraising ideas are also great ways to raise awareness of your group and get others involved in supporting the cause. 


To equip you with everything you need for your fundraising event, you can also find some useful nonprofit resources and key tips to improve your fundraising strategy at the end of this article. 


Charity Events

When choosing how to raise money for a charity, it’s important to consider the level of effort and cost of organizing your fundraiser. Fundraising ideas for nonprofits should be relatively low cost, easy to organize, and profitable. 


We’ve compiled a list of the best, most profitable fundraisers for charities and nonprofits to make sure you get the most out of your event. 


Why not choose from some of our active charity challenges? Or go old-school with a bake sale or donation box, two great fundraising ideas for churches or other smaller non-profit groups.


The main focuses of your charity event should be ease and profitability, but making them fun too is a great way to boost your success by encouraging more participants. Charitable events like a restaurant meal are fun for all the family, while something like a charity car wash gets a big group of people involved in your project.


Check out these fundraising ideas below and choose the best one for you!


Classic Fundraising Events

So what are the best fundraising ideas for nonprofits? Often, it’s the classic fundraising events that work the best! 


Classic fundraising events like bake sales and donation jar ideas are tried and tested methods of fundraising for nonprofits and charities. These ideas are all very easy to organize and require minimum organization and cost to set up. 


With some willing volunteers and a little bit of creativity you’ll be raising in no time!


Bake Sale

There are a few great bake sale ideas for fundraising you could do for your event. Get in touch with a local organization, such as a church, school, or fair where you could set up a stall to sell homemade baked goods. 


Bake sales are so easy to organise and relatively low cost. All you need is some enthusiastic bakers and a place to sell your produce. They always generate a good profit too!


Donation Box

A donation box is one of the simplest fundraising ideas for nonprofits. They are a no-cost fundraiser and surprisingly effective.


Some good donation box ideas include decorating a shoe box or old plastic container with your charity’s name and logo. Take your box to a local corner store or post-office with a small sign about who you are and why you’re collecting, and you’ll catch loose change from customers. 


It may take a little longer to raise funds with a donation box, but they are very effective.


Fundraising ideas for nonprofits a donation box

Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash


Fundraising raffle

Fundraising raffle ideas are a great way of raising money for charity. Get members of your organization to donate or buy one or two items each for the raffle and advertise tickets at your local stores. 


Alternatively, you could go door-to-door to sell tickets in your neighborhood. Be sure to take contact details to get in touch with the winners!


A raffle fundraiser requires a little more manpower and organization than other classic fundraising events, but is often more profitable. Who doesn’t enjoy winning prizes?


Easy Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

Fundraising for smaller charity groups can be more challenging due to limited resources and funds. But if you’re struggling to know how to raise funds for charity as a small group, these low-cost ideas will work a treat.


There are lots of easy fundraising ideas for small groups to choose from. The following ideas are all suitable for organizations such as mission groups, churches, youth sports, and community groups. 


Charity events such as a restaurant fundraiser, car wash, or bake sale require no extra cost to your organization and will generate a decent amount of funds to support your cause. They also help to raise awareness in the community of your organization, which is always a bonus as a smaller nonprofit group.


Fundraising Dinner with GroupRaise

A fundraiser dinner is a great fundraising idea for small groups. With GroupRaise, organization members and their families can enjoy a delicious meal out while fundraising at the same time.


There are thousands of restaurants that do fundraiser meals, including big chains like Applebee’s and IHOP. Choose a restaurant and a date for your event, and a percentage of all sales will be donated back to your cause!



A restaurant fundraiser is incredibly easy to organize and comes at no extra cost – spend what you normally would on a meal but fundraise at the same time! If you don’t fancy going out, you can also opt for takeout and enjoy your meal at home.


Breakfast at an indoor cafe, eggs, waffles and fruit

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Charity Car Wash

A charity car wash is a great summer fundraising idea and works well for smaller groups such as youth sports groups, churches, and mission trip groups.


Get your volunteers together and head to a local supermarket, or host it at your organization’s building. Offer car washes to members of the public, parents and shoppers and raise money!


Bake Sale

Bake sales are good fundraising ideas for small groups because of their ease and efficiency. Get baking and sell your treats after a club meet, church service, or at the mall on the weekend!

fundraising ideas for nonprofits a bake sale, lady holding plate of chocolate muffins

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Fundraising Tips

As a charity, it’s important that your fundraising strategy is tailored to ensure effective fundraising for nonprofits. This means doing your research and choosing the right nonprofit event to raise funds at limited expense to your organization.


You need to consider how you will publicise your event to get maximum participants, and also the best day, place, and time of year to hold your event.


For more fundraising tips on promotion and publicising, check out this school nonprofit’s fundraising success.


What are the most profitable fundraisers

For nonprofits, cost is always a concern. The most effective fundraisers for nonprofits are those which will generate a good amount of funds almost immediately.


If you’re wondering how to raise money fast, opt for a nonprofit fundraising idea such as a charity car wash, bake sale, or restaurant fundraiser. These types of fundraisers create funds on the spot and are low cost to organize. Importantly, they are also all fun to do!


Fundraising Strategy

Your fundraising strategy can determine the effectiveness of your charity event. Choosing a fundraiser that gets your organization into the public eye is a smart choice to gain public support and boost your fundraising.


Fundraising ideas such as donation box or a raffle fundraiser help spread the name of your nonprofit throughout the local community. People will recognize your organization and the important work you are doing in the community and be enthusiastic to support it where they can!


Nonprofit Resources

There are a number of nonprofit resources available to support your fundraising efforts. 


For example, websites such as gofundme for nonprofits are an easy way to connect people to your funding page. A gofundme page can easily be shared with friends and family on social media and help you gain more support.


Girl with cupped hands that holds a note saying make a change with a collection of coins

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Fundraising companies for nonprofits

Some other good non profit resources that can help support your fundraising include:

  • Donorbox – for creating donation buttons and forms on your website.
  • Eventbrite – an affordable events management software.
  • DonorTools – a nonprofit donor database to help nonprofits raise funds.


Companies such as GroupRaise are also great fundraising companies for nonprofits as they provide fundraising opportunities at no extra cost to your organization!


Check out this article 15 Online Nonprofit Tools for 2021 and Beyond for more resources and ideas.


Many of these fundraising companies for nonprofits also offer a nonprofit discount. You can often find more information about discounts on their pricing page or FAQ section.


Explore the GroupRaise blog here.


You’re all set!

So there you have it, our top tips and fundraising strategies to help you raise funds for your group! With these fundraising ideas for nonprofits you can have a lot of fun while raising awareness and gathering important support at the same time. 


So what are you waiting for? Choose the best fundraising event for your nonprofit and put the wheels in motion. 


Be sure to check out our list of restaurants to find a local partner and host a dinner fundraiser – the most delicious way to raise! After all this hard work researching fundraising methods, you definitely deserve that treat!