What happens next? Post-fundraiser experience

You’re about to throw, or have thrown, a successful restaurant fundraiser, and now you just want to make sure you receive that check in the mail. Here’s what you can do before hand to ensure everything runs smoothly, and the rundown of what happens after your GroupRaise event.


To ensure the speedy delivery of your funds it’s really important to review your GroupRaise profile prior to your event to make sure the information is correct. The restaurant will send your check to the address listed on your group profile so it never hurts to double check it’s right!

If you need to make changes you just need to login to your GroupRaise account and edit your profile. Look to see if all your details are correctly spelt, and you’ve provided your Tax ID form if necessary. If your group doesn’t have a bank account you can ask the restaurant to have the check made out to the school group, or office, under which your organization falls.

If you’re unsure how to edit your profile, click here.


After your fundraiser the restaurant calculates your total sales in order to determine your donation amount as per the decided percentage. They then update your event on GroupRaise.com and you’ll receive an email notification regarding how much your group raised. The restaurant will then send your group a check for the raised funds. This should arrive between 4-6 weeks after your event, it may even arrive sooner!

It’s important to keep in mind that restaurants can have a lot on their plate, literally! Try to be gracious and patient, knowing that the restaurant is working as best as it can to ensure that everyone is satisfied.

Let us know!

It is possible that if your fundraiser didn’t earn more than $5, the restaurant won’t be sending your group a check, and if 6 weeks have past and your group is still waiting to receive your funds, please let us know! If you have any concerns about this topic, you can view the GroupRaise FAQ, or contact info@groupraise.com.

Happy fundraising!