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What is GroupRaise?

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Eating out at a restaurant just got a little more fun. GroupRaise lets you choose a restaurant/date and schedule a fundraiser where a percentage of sales goes to support your dearest cause!

Video Transcript

We think fundraising, we think giving back should be fun and social. There’s a lot of things where people ask you to just donate, to get out your credit card, and there’s a place for that. But also, giving should be something new where you can get together with people you know and have conversation.


A meal is really a great way to connect with someone as well as to give back. And it’s fun! It’s a no headache way to get together and do something social that really matters.


We have a network of restaurants that want to connect with groups who are either fundraising for something in your life, your school, your church, your college group, or fundraising for some cause in the world.


You come to the website and you request an event online, the restaurant gets back to you, you invite your supporters, and they donate a percentage of the sales back to the charitable cause you care about.


Everybody eats every day and so getting people to use their meal choices to give back, it’s really simple. 


Over 60% of the customers who go to a GroupRaise event, it’s their first time in that location and 96% say that they’ll come back. 


GroupRaise is about using your meals and your food and your friends and your social connections to make an impact for the things you care about.