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Your Guide To Throwing A Donut Party

Posted by Katie Tincello

The words ‘donut party’ would bring excitement to anyone! A party? With donuts ? Yes please! 


A donut party is a hugely popular way to celebrate a birthday, especially for kids, but grownups can have fun with it too. There are hundreds of donut theme party ideas and donut party games that you can incorporate into a donut party to throw a fantastic event for anyone and everyone. 


You can now even buy some incredible donut decorations and donut party supplies to create some impressive donut decor for your event!


In this article you’ll find all of our best tips, tricks, and ideas to help you throw an incredible donut party, be it a birthday or other event.


A donut party can also be a great opportunity to fundraise for a local charity or personal cause. You can partner with a local Krispy Kreme via GroupRaise to host a Digital Dozens donut fundraiser and raise funds while celebrating too


Read on for all the tips for throwing a fantastic donut party and some great ways to turn your event into a fundraiser event and raise for your chosen cause.


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Photo by Alexander Grey from Pexels.


Why Choose A Donut Birthday Party

One of the most popular donut party ideas is a donut birthday party, and with good reason. Combining delicious donuts with birthday celebrations is a great way to throw a party for people of all ages, including adults! 


Of course, there are a number of events companies that will help you organize a donut birthday party, but where is the fun in that? These simple tips and tricks will help you find a theme, choose some great donut party games, and organize your donut theme party food and decorations too!


Throw a DIY Donut Birthday Party

With a donut birthday party, you can get creative in so many ways. There are some fantastic donut birthday party ideas to centre your kbash, from slumber parties to donut decorating. 


A donut birthday party doesn’t have to be complicated. There are plenty of DIY donut party ideas that don’t require too much effort or expense on your part. To host a successful donut birthday party, all you really need is some donut decorations, a set of donut party games for kids to enjoy, and a good supply of donuts of course!


The most popular of donut themed party ideas for children is a simple donut-centred event, featuring all things donut, from food, to games, and decorations. 


If you want to throw a donut birthday party with a specific theme or activity, then consider donut birthday ideas such as a Make & Bake Donut party, or a Donut decoration event. If your party is happening during the summer, throw a Donut Pool Party and get hold of some donut inflatables alongside your other donut decorations! 


Depending on your theme, you can also go all out with donut party decorations, such as balloons, steamers, and banners. You can also find some cute party plates and napkins that would really finish off the food table, quite easily online. And don’t forget to create party bags with a donut favor for all your guests to enjoy afterwards!


If you’re looking for some donut grown-up party ideas, then these don’t need to be too different from donut birthday party ideas for the kids! Just add a slightly more classy twist, such as some more exciting donut flavors and games. That said, many adults will still enjoy a lot of the best donut party games like piñata, pin-the-donut, and guess the flavor!


Donut Birthday Party Food Ideas

A donut theme birthday party of course requires some suitable food! There are lots of ways to incorporate donuts into your birthday party menu. A simple way is to create a buffet-style spread of yummy party snacks and feature mini donuts in there too. Alternatively, you could serve up donuts for a pudding, or get creative with some donut birthday cake ideas. Some popular choices include donut-shaped birthday cakes, or create a giant donut pyramid as the cake instead!



Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels.


Donut Birthday Party Decorations 

A donut theme birthday party would not be complete without donut decorations. Do a search online or pop to your local party shop for all your donut decorations! From donut paper plates and napkins, to donut balloons, straws, and candles, you’ll easily find everything you need.


When it comes to throwing a donut birthday party, the options are truly endless. But one thing is for sure – there will be a lot of donuts consumed!


Easy Donut Theme Party Ideas For Kids

These donut theme party ideas are all great options to consider for your event. They’re fun, creative, and easy to organize too, requiring just a little bit of forward planning to get the right decorations and donut party supplies!


Donut Decorating Party

Unlock your creative skills with a donut decorating party! A donut decorating event is a great donut theme party for all. 


The concept of a donut decorating party is very simple – everyone gets a few donuts each to decorate and they can take them home afterwards to enjoy. It’s a minimal fuss donut party idea, as all you need is a supply of donuts and some suitable decorations, such as icing, sprinkles, fruit, and chocolate.


The most important thing is to calculate how many donuts you will need. Compile your guest list and go for either two or three donuts each, depending on how big they are, and then buy a few extra just in case of any decorating disasters! Make sure to choose a plain donut so that people can get extra creative with their designs.


If you prefer, you can swap out real donuts for a ‘Paint your own Donut’ kit where kids can paint ceramic donuts instead. There are lots of places you can source these kits, searching online.


Donut Slumber Party

Slumber parties have always been popular, especially for kids, so why not make it into a donut party theme? A donut slumber party is a fantastic donut party idea for girls and can be great fun, especially if you have some good games to play too.


Perhaps the most crucial aspect for this donut theme party is making sure to go all-out on decorations. The options for donut decoration ideas are really quite incredible, and you can find everything you could possibly need online.


For the bedroom donut decor, get hold of some donut banners, donut balloons, and even donut fairy lights! You can make the room nice and cozy with some fun donut cushions and pillows too. 


For party food, it’s obviously got to be donuts, but there are a number of creative donut party food ideas you could incorporate into the evening. You could create a delicious spread of party finger food with mini donuts and even a donut fondue station. What could be more delicious than dipping mini donuts into chocolate with extra sprinkles available too?


Alternatively, you could put a donut-theme on your other party foods, such as donut cupcakes, donut-flavour milkshakes, or choose some bagels for a donut-shaped savoury option.


Finally, think up some great donut party games such as a guess the flavour competition, ‘name the donut’, or even a donut piñata!


Digital Dozens Donut Fundraiser

A donut fundraiser is a wonderful donut party idea that brings people together to enjoy good company and good food, all while raising funds for a special cause! A donut fundraiser could be for anything, from a personal cause to raising funds for a bigger charity you care about. 


Just like any other donut party, your fundraiser could be for kids, adults, or families. If you are part of a school group or PTA, then it could be the perfect event to raise funds for yearly activities. Similarly, a nonprofit organization could host a donut party in the local community to raise both funds and awareness of their cause.


To make your donut party into a fundraiser, partner with Krispy Kreme for their Digital Dozens campaign through GroupRaise. With Digital Dozens, your local Krispy Kreme will donate a percentage of all sales on Original Glazed donuts back to your cause! 


With the Digital Dozens campaign, GroupRaise will also provide you with some flyers or invitations for your donut fundraiser to help you spread the word. You can also add additional information about the cause you’re raising for and where people can get hold of the donuts. Explore Digital Dozens resources here.


Invite people to pop to the local Krispy Kreme or order some delicious Original Glazed donuts and have a donut party at home, all while supporting your cause! 



Alternative Donut Party Ideas

The donut themes don’t end there! There are still lots of fantastic donut party ideas you could consider for your party if none of the above suit your needs. Some of the following ideas are also particularly good for adults if you’re hosting a party for your friends or colleagues, or if it’s likely to be a family event.


Gender Reveal Donut Party

A gender reveal party is a really fun donut party idea. You can find companies who will make donuts with a particular color filling – either pink or blue, depending on the baby’s gender – and create a donut wall as the main centrepieces for a baby shower. Enjoy the baby shower with friends and family, and then find out the baby’s gender by eating the donuts to find the color!



Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels.


National Donut Day Celebration

Did you know there was a National Donut Day? If you did, do you know its origin? 


National Donut Day is celebrated in the US on the first Friday of June each year. The event was instigated by The Salvation Army in Chicago in 1938 to honor those among their members who served donuts to soldiers during World War I. The holiday celebrates the donut, and it’s a fantastic excuse to throw a little donut theme party in honor of veterans, as well as this delicious dessert!


If you know of a local charity or Veteran’s group, why not reach out to partner with them for a National Donut Day fundraiser event and support a worthy cause with delicious donuts?


Office Donut Party

Bring joy to the office with a donut party event! This is a very simple donut party idea that can put a big smile on people’s faces. If it’s a colleague’s birthday or perhaps work anniversary, or even if the company has reached a significant milestone recently, organize a little donut party to celebrate!


Bowl of Pastries

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Donut Pool Party

A donut pool party is a fabulous summer donut party idea! Fun in the sun by the pool, plus delicious donuts as party food too. You may or may not be surprised to learn that there is a significant range of pool inflatables that are donut themed. You can easily get hold of these online for the ultimate donut pool party.



Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels.


Donut Party Supplies

So we’ve covered a lot of donut party ideas, but what about the donut party supplies? Whichever donut event you choose to organize, the decorations, food, and games are really going to seal the deal.


The great news is that donut party supplies are easy to get hold of and incredibly abundant. You can find almost any party supply you might want in a donut shape or theme!


The Basics

For starters, what about some donut-themed party invites to send out to your guests? You can order these online, or visit a local stationary shop to see if they have any in stock.


Some basic donut decorations you might want to consider are banners, balloons, fairy lights, and streamers. You can also find donut-shaped party hats, cushions, a donut hanging wall (a good one for a baby shower!), donut glasses, and more online. 


Etsy has some very creative donut decor options, including balloons, wrapping paper, donut stands, pre-made donut party favors, and Paint your own Donut craft kits.


For food, make sure to locate some donut party plates, napkins, and straws. Walmart has some great affordable options in all shapes and sizes!


Additional Extras

Depending on which donut theme party you’re throwing, you may need some additional donut party supplies.


A donut pool party will require some fun inflatables – donut shaped! – and perhaps also some donut-themed sunglasses and straws for the pool-side drinks.


For a birthday bash, you’ll want a good array of donut theme games to play. Some of these you can make up yourself, but you could also get hold of them online for ease. More exciting donut games include a donut piñata or donut ring toss, for which you’ll need some equipment! 


With these donut party supplies you’ll be ready to throw the most delightful donut party there ever was!


Donut Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

By now you should have lots of great ideas of how to throw your own donut party. To take your party one step further, why not turn it into a fundraiser event to raise funds for a cause you care about while celebrating too?


Creating a fundraiser out of your donut party is very easy to do and a great way to put a twist on your event.


If you’ve never heard of a donut fundraiser before, it’s very simple: you can partner with your local donut store to donate a portion of the sales from your orders to a charity of your choosing. If you have a Krispy Kreme nearby, the Digital Dozens Krispy Kreme and GroupRaise program is definitely the easiest way to organize a donut fundraiser.


What is a Krispy Kreme Fundraiser?

A Krispy Kreme fundraiser is a classic donut fundraising option. It’s a very popular fundraising campaign that anyone can organize.


The Digital Dozens campaign is an even better version of their popular Dozens fundraising program, and is run through GroupRaise! For every box of Original Glazed donuts purchased with your event (online), Krispy Kreme will donate between 40% – 70% of sales back to the cause of your choice. 


Over the years, Krispy Kreme fundraising has helped to raise around $37M to support charitable initiatives, and with the GroupRaise Krispy Kreme fundraiser, it just became even easier to raise for a good cause!



Digital Dozens fundraising is simple and effective. With this Krispy Kreme fundraiser, individuals can order a box of Original Glazed Donuts online straight from their home, workplace, or even send to a friend, and a percentage of the sales will be donated to your cause. 


All you need to do to get started is set up your fundraiser online via GroupRaise. You can choose the donut price, donation goal, and start and end date of your campaign to suit your fundraising needs. 


A Digital Dozens fundraiser not only helps you find your local Krispy Kreme outlet for supplying the donuts, but also helps you to publicize your event and make the most of the fundraising opportunity. GroupRaise provides you with a custom purchase page where supporters can go to claim their donuts, and a set of flyers, posters, and social media tools for sharing the event online.


Pink Doughnut on White Textile

Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels.


How To Make Your Donut Party Into A Fundraiser

If you’re wondering exactly how you can add a fundraising twist to your donut party, it’s a lot easier than you might think! For any of the donut party ideas you could partner with GroupRaise to create a Krispy Kreme fundraiser.


Launch a Digital Dozens fundraiser alongside your donut party so that everyone can revel in delicious donuts after the event. You could include your promotion flyers in the party bags or as a party of a donut favor. This way your donut party can act as a ‘launch’ for your fundraiser event!



How Delicious!

A donut party is without a doubt the most delicious celebration, especially for birthdays and kids’ events. We hope that this article has given you a lot of donut party ideas to help you organize and throw your own donut theme celebration, and perhaps even turn it into a donut fundraiser.


With GroupRaise’s Krispy Kreme fundraiser option, incorporating fundraising into your donut party is super simple and adds an extra value to your party. The Digital Dozens campaign means that you can easily fundraise, wherever you are and whatever the occasion. 



So what will it be? A donut decorating party? Or a donut-themed slumber party? As long as there are plenty of donuts to eat, it will be a success!