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Tender & Savory Is King At An Abner’s Chicken Fundraiser

Posted by Steven Keely

Do you love chicken? Then you’ve got to try an Abner’s chicken fundraiser. Why? Because the craveable scent alone should draw plenty of attention. If you’re planning a fundraiser or know a nonprofit that could use one, Abner’s chicken is a choice way to get a donation check.


Think you could hit 20 RSVPs to get that check? Maybe the food could entice them… What if they could eat something like … this?!


Abner’s chicken food image


At an affordable meal price of $10, this food is a steal! Just don’t steal mine! But whatever you do order, a portion is donated back to your chosen charity. So I guess that means eating is donating at an Abner’s chicken fundraiser. (What a difficult sales pitch to make, how will you get anyone to show up?)


Keep reading to learn more about Abner’s chicken fundraiser and what it has to offer a nonprofit in need of funds. 


Come hungry for Abner’s chicken tenders and wings

Platters of Abner’s chicken line the dining tables. Do you want to try a tender or wing first? Tenders never tire of accompanying sides and sips of drinks that make your taste buds confirm–yes, this venue was the right choice. 


The menu at Abner’s chicken offers you tenders in two types. It can come fried or grilled. Let’s start with the fried stuff. How is it made? Learn right now! 


Fresh chicken is caked on all sides with batter that’s been seasoned just the right amount. The frying process cooks the chicken inside completely. The juices stay inside the breading, which becomes crisp to the crunch of teeth. 


Tenders can come grilled at an Abner’s chicken fundraiser. They’re browned and a bit blackened on the outside. The taste of the seasoning lands first, then the moist inside of the white chicken. Order them mixed with a salad chock full of nutritious vegetables or solo with a simple side like garlic bread. 


Abner’s grilled chicken tenders


How can I sum up the food you’ll fortunately find at an Abner’s Famous Chicken restaurant fundraiser? I got it! Prepare for poultry made to peel off the day’s stresses. You’ll walk out of the meal happy!


So how can an Abner’s chicken fundraiser make donations for your nonprofit, or the one you’re thinking about helping? Simple. Bite off a bit of juicy chicken tender before using your fork on the leafy greens with dressing. Every order is a donation with a percentage given back.


Benefit from the brand when you host an Abner’s fundraiser

Nonprofits get a good amount of donations when they pick the right venue. A brand restaurant–a chain like Abner’s Famous Chicken–attracts more RSVPs to any location where it has had a presence for some time. 


If the seasoned fried batter keeps the juices from escaping the cooked tenders, the sights and smells of chicken dinners will keep you from escaping the satisfaction of finishing one yourself. Then you will join the long list of people who enjoy a meal at Abner’s Famous Chicken


Did we mention, by the way, that every bite of a tender is effectively a donation to a worthy charity? You like helping people who need it, and helping yourself to more chicken, right?


People know the Abner’s chicken brand across Mississippi and in Memphis, Tennessee. The reputation of Abner’s is well-done chicken platters and combinations. If you’re considering hosting a fundraiser in this area, you would benefit from an Abner’s chicken fundraiser. So would the mission. 


Speaking of attracting more people, the menu at an Abner’s Famous Chicken fundraiser is not only for meat-eaters. 


  • There are gluten-free options on the menu.
  • Several types of fries (like BBQ or Buffalo Loaded) work for vegetarians and the Greek and Mandarin Salads work for vegans.


Feel free to bring your partner along to an Abner’s fundraiser if they have different preferences, just look around Abner’s website for the dietary details!


Abner’s chicken is a solid choice for any fundraising team. Check out the calendar below. 



How Abner’s Famous Chicken give back program works

In this section you’ll learn the fastest path to eating Abner’s Famous Chicken tenders and wings. This section displays the mechanics of Abner’s Famous Chicken give back program.


An Abner’s chicken fundraiser is easy to set up! You can send a date & time request in under a minute, that’s the efficiency of this process. But what are the available hours for Abner’s fundraising? Meals can happen any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between the hours of 5:00pm and 8:00pm. 


Make sure your requested Abner’s chicken fundraiser date is 2 weeks out so staff has time to prepare and organize themselves. During the lead-up to your meal, secure at least 20 RSVPs to get the Abner’s Famous Chicken give back of 10%. Your donations will come via a check within a very fast 30 days of the event!


Advertising an Abner’s Famous Chicken fundraiser will not be difficult work. People love chicken made right–and that is exactly what Abner’s does. Attendees can come in without losing wallet weight because the meals are affordable at a $10 average


Your social media strategy matters for how much your nonprofit makes in donations.


The better your content and timing when sharing it, the more people will RSVP to your Abner’s chicken fundraiser. Friendly and timely reminders matter too, because more people who reserved online will follow through to attend in-person.


After a confirmed date & time, you will receive:


  • A Meal Event page to share, solicit, and gather RSVPs,
  • Fundraiser Flyers (both digital and physical) to attract people to the meal, and
  • various forms of social media content, including text reminders.


Learn more about how GroupRaise and its restaurant partners help nonprofits promote fundraisers in this article

The whole process of Abner’s fundraising has been thought-through and set up for streamlined donation-generating meals. You’re in good hands for second helpings of chicken and donation deposits. 


Delay not–dream instead of fried chicken tenders.



Abner’s fundraising generates donations online too

Not everyone will or can show up to your Abner’s fundraising meal in person. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to help your nonprofit. Help them help you, by handing them the chance to eat from an Abner’s Famous Chicken To Go box. They can pick it up curbside or have it delivered. 


Abner’s has online ordering handled. You can also have platters brought to fill a catered event with a spread so enticing people will compliment you. Your Abner’s chicken fundraiser can happen at a supporter’s lovely home or a community center, the choice is yours!


Your nonprofit isn’t the only cause you help, either. Because Abner’s fundraising involves a local employer, you’ll be helping support the employees who live near you with all those online orders or the catering deal you make. 


Abner’s fundraising does not need to be dine-in for your nonprofit to generate donations. Rack up RSVPs for the event, to be sure, but make it easy for people to order online. The result, your check, will be larger. 


Fundraising dreams equal juicy tender meat with Abner’s Famous Chicken

Your choice of juicy cooked chicken awaits you and supporters with the Abner’s Famous Chicken give back program. Chicken is a staple of most people’s diet, something they return to over and over again. 


You can’t go wrong offering a great chicken dinner, especially when they can choose between grilled tenders, fried tenders, or wings–and a range of delectable sides. An Abner’s Famous Chicken restaurant fundraiser offers affordable $10 meals, well worth the taste to any attendee who loves chicken!


Be sure to promote your meal event with the tools that you receive on date & time confirmation. The more RSVPs you rack up, the more online orders you accumulate, the larger your donation check will be–and the more you will move the mission forward! Help local employees too, and do it all with the juiciest chicken you can find in Mississippi or Memphis, Tennessee. 


Start with a calendar review and end with a happy memory of a meal and donations in the bank