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How to be a stupendous and all around awesome fundraising coordinator

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On the day of your fundraiser, excitement is high, you have spent the last few weeks meticulously planning your restaurant fundraiser, and you’re thinking to yourself, “How can I be the greatest host there has ever been?” Don’t fret; GroupRaise is here with a few helpful tips to make you the Superman of fundraising coordinators.

Best Practices and Expectations

Show up early

As the fundraising coordinator, arrive at the restaurant fifteen or twenty minutes early to speak with the manager, or even call ahead that morning to assure that everything is clear and ready to go. It is essential to establish solid communication with the manager, that way any questions or concerns on either end can be worked out together. It will help solidify those shaky details, as well as build a healthy relationship with the restaurant, which will also help facilitate the logistics of your post-fundraiser experience.

Know how to collect receipts

It is important to clarify with the manager what system will be used to collect the receipts. Will they use the computer network POS system? Or do they have a GroupRaise Box? Perhaps the servers will collect receipts in an envelope or basket? All methods are equally effective, but it is beneficial that everyone is clear—the staff and the patrons—as to what system will be used to ensure that not a single receipt is lost.

Make sure the staff is aware

Restaurants have a high churn rate with many overlapping shifts, so it’s possible that not everyone is fully filled in. When talking to the manager, make sure that everyone is up to speed and prepared for the fundraiser.


Promote Your Cause

You have rounded up a large group of supporters, which demonstrates the nobility and importance of your cause! Be proud of that and capitalize on it! This is the perfect opportunity to makes some noise and raise even more awareness about your cause.

Utilize social media

Check in to the restaurant location on Facebook and comment on the group page to let everyone know that you’re already there. Take loads of photos and videos of the delicious food, and all the friends and family gathered together, laughing and eating. Post everything to social media and tag your supporters, the restaurant, and GroupRaise so we can help promote your cause! It’s why we’re here!


Be an Awesome Host

The most essential ingredient to being an awesome fundraising coordinator is being an awesome host. These people came out to show their support and their love, and you should do the same. Greet them as they walk in, be social, be enthusiastic, take a ton of pictures, invite them to your next event, talk about your organization, give a toast to thank them all for coming, and be sure to have a good time!

Fundraising dinners are a great way to build stronger relationships with others in your organization, so take advantage of that. Make everyone feel welcomed and loved and have fun so that they will be sure to not miss out on the next event!

Follow these simple steps and you will be rocketed into fundraising coordinator superstardom!