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CPK Fundraiser 101: Raising Money for College Clubs

Posted by Jessica Voorhees

Want to add a little more purpose to your next pizza night out with friends? California Pizza Kitchen joined GroupRaise to host fundraisers for college clubs, and they want to donate a sizable slice of profits to your cause. All you have to do is book your CPK fundraiser online, invite your friends, then kick back and enjoy a delicious meal. It’s completely free, and they’ll send you 20% of the profits earned from your event!

The CPK fundraiser is a great way for students to come together with friends to fundraise.

Booking your CPK fundraiser

It only takes 3 minutes to book your event with California Pizza Kitchen. Simply:

  1. Select a CPK near you
  2. Choose a date and a time
  3. Submit your request!

Make sure your supporters RSVP to the event online, and they’ll receive a reminder the night before your fundraiser so they don’t forget to go. During your booked event time, your friends can dine in or take out; they just need to mention they came to support you for the money to go toward your fundraiser.


After your event, you’ll receive an email letting you know how much money you raised. Then in 4-6 weeks, California Pizza Kitchen will send a check to your preferred address with 20% of your fundraiser’s net sales!


The best fundraiser for college clubs

California Pizza Kitchen is a trusted fundraising partner with a long history of giving back. They’ve hosted fundraisers for college clubs and other loyal customers for more than 20 years! With GroupRaise, you can set up your event in minutes at one of their 190+ partner locations.


CPK is a dine-in restaurant that offers a laidback atmosphere and breezy California vibe perfect for any student event. Large groups of friends can gather and enjoy the freshly hand-tossed pizzas. The restaurant offers great food for all tastes — from savory pizzas to tasty vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.


Students share their own experiences

Here are some testimonials from students who have used CPK to host fundraisers for college clubs.


University of Colorado Boulder: UC Men’s Club Hockey Team

George, a member of the UC Men’s Club Hockey Team, said he wanted to host an event at CPK to spread his club’s name in the Boulder community. “We had a nice experience at CPK,” George said. “Overall it was a great team event with great food and drinks.”


Montclair State University: Delta Xi Delta

College clubs are already hosting their own CPK fundraiser. Here, Delta Xi Delta is one of the pioneers

Delta Xi Delta at Montclair State University decided to host a CPK fundraiser to support its philanthropic goals. The sorority’s president Rachel said,

“It’s a super easy way to raise some money for our sorority’s philanthropy in addition to eating some great food or even trying something new. It’s another chance throughout an average week for our sisters to come together and enjoy some lunch or dinner together while raising money to donate to our favorite cause. We’ll definitely be back soon!”


Utah Valley University: UVU Social Work

Marisa, a member of UVU’s Social Work program said her group chose CPK because it was close to the university and other students could easily find it to stop by for the event. “Everyone had an enjoyable experience dining there and it was easy for those dining to have a portion of their meal donated to our club,” Marisa said.