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Your Guide to DiBella’s Fundraising

Posted by Laura Bilsborrow

You’re already crazy about their delicious sub sandwiches. Cheesesteaks, Italian meatball sandwiches, who wouldn’t be in heaven? Because you’ve been such a loyal lover of DiBella’s, and because they love you right back, DiBella’s has decided to pay it forward by standing for your organization’s fundraising efforts! When your group hosts a DiBella’s fundraising event, you’ll walk away with 15-20% of your supporters’ total purchases.


Read on to learn everything you need to know about hosting a fundraising event with DiBella’s, as well as why you would want to.

Meatball sandwich and vegetables at a DiBella's fundraising event

Image by Rajesh TP from Pexels

How to Set Up a DiBella’s Fundraising Event

When it comes to fundraising with DiBella’s, it’s impossible to find a downside. Hosting a DiBella’s fundraising event is fun and delicious – and above all, you’ll get to partner with a generous restaurant that’s seriously dedicated to making a positive impact. Setting up your DiBella’s fundraising event is easy. It takes just 1 minute and looks like this:

  1. Choose a DiBella’s location
  2. Select a date and time that’s convenient for your group
  3. Complete some basic info about your group
  4. Hit Submit. Pretty easy, right?

Make sure to submit your request at least 2 weeks before you want to hold the event. After you send your request, the restaurant will respond within 7 days. Please note: DiBella’s welcomes groups with a W-9 form, which simply shows that your organization pays taxes.


Once you get the confirmation, blast your event’s unique GroupRaise Meal Page to all your family, friends, and supporters so they can RSVP. Facebook, Instagram, email, phone calls – use it all. The more people attend, the more money you earn for your group or charity! Check out our post about how to promote/host a successful restaurant fundraiser for more tips and advice to attract people to your event.


On the event day, come with your friends, family, supporters, and appetite. Just make sure attendees mention that they’re with your organization and the restaurant will handle the rest. Takeout orders may even count towards the fundraiser total – check with the restaurant ahead of time to confirm.


Finally, the restaurant will send you a check with the total donation amount 4-6 weeks after your event. Get this: there’s no limit to the number of DiBella’s fundraising events you can host. That means there’s unlimited potential to how much your organization could earn!

Why is DiBella’s right for me?

First of all, the sub sandwiches at DiBella’s are amazing. From build-your-own subs to Buffalo chicken sandwiches, they’ve got the delicious part of your event covered. Each one of your attendees will find something they love on the menu. They have vegetarian and gluten-sensitive options, so there will be something for everyone. See the DiBella’s website for more info about their tasty offerings.


Need we go on? DiBella’s has spent years earning our love with its delicious subs. But now, we’ve got an entirely new reason to rave about the restaurant! 15-20% donation back of your group’s total sales at an average menu price of $10-13 each…well, that’s some serious earning on your part. What’s stopping you from digging in?

What are you waiting for?

Grab your friends, your neighbors, your family, the teachers from school, and everyone in between and head to DiBella’s for a delicious fundraiser that’s sure to be a huge hit! Come hungry to your DiBella’s fundraising event – then leave as the Best. Fundraising Leader. Ever.