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Spotlight on 3 Margaritas – Fenton, Missouri

Fenton, Missouri   If you’re looking to fundraise for your charity, school, or college club, some tasty Mexican food is just the ticket! You can enjoy delicious food and raise money for your favorite cause at the same time by hosting a restaurant fundraiser at… Read More

30 Fundraising Ideas Compared – Find the Best for You

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned fundraising veteran, finding good fundraising ideas is vital to your campaign’s success. But while there are plenty of ways to raise money, how do you know which will be the perfect fit for your fundraising situation?    Not… Read More

Spotlight on Papa Murphy’s – Minneapolis

Twin Cities: Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota   Pizza lovers of Minneapolis, it’s here: the perfect combination of fantastic pizza and fun community fundraising! There’s nothing better than sharing a delicious meal with family and friends and raising money for your favorite cause at the same time.  … Read More

Spotlight on Emporium Thai

Los Angeles, California.   Fundraising just got a whole lot more delicious! If there’s anything more satisfying than Thai food, it’s Thai food plus raising money for your favorite cause.   This week, we’re featuring one of our amazing restaurant partners,… Read More

Spotlight on Play Boutique

Lake Oswego, Oregon.   There’s nothing better than enjoying quality time with your whole family. Unless you add delicious food and fundraising to the mix!   In addition to their fantastic play space and variety of kids programs,… Read More

Dine to Donate with Miller’s Ale House Fundraising

Have you got a hankering for classic American-style food and also need to raise money for your school, charity, or college group? A Miller’s Ale House fundraising event is the clear choice.   Along with great flavors and a friendly environment, Miller’s Ale House prides itself on involvement in local… Read More

Best Way to Raise Money? A Great American Cookies Fundraising Event!

You’re already crazy about their delicious cookies and desserts. Cookie cakes, brownies – who wouldn’t be in heaven?   Now, Great American Cookies is taking cookies to the next level. Not only do they offer amazing cookie cakes, they also give 20% back to local fundraising groups! There’s nothing better… Read More

How to Host an El Pollo Loco Fundraising Event

Trying to raise funds for your organization or favorite cause can seem impossible when you’re unsure of how to go about it. But not to worry – El Pollo Loco is here to save the day!   Along with great flavors and a friendly environment, El Pollo Loco prides itself… Read More

Genghis Grill Fundraising: A Stir-Fry-Lover’s Guide

Genghis Grill has perfected stir fry. Add Genghis Grill fundraising to the mix, and it gets even better.   Now, Genghis Grill is partnering with groups and organizations across the country to fill your family’s bellies – and your fundraising group’s bank account. Genghis Grill fundraising is one of the… Read More

Spotlight on Jimano’s Pizzeria

Chicago, Illinois.   Looking for a delicious way to raise money for your favorite cause or organization?   This week, we’re spotlighting one of our outstanding restaurant partners, Jimano’s Pizzeria. We’ll give you the full run-down on the… Read More