9 Pleasanton CA Restaurants Donating Part of Sales to Edu Foundation

9 Pleasanton CA Restaurants Donating Part of Sales to Educational Foundation – Press Release

Posted by Laura Bilsborrow

The community is invited to order between October 9 and 17 to support both kids’ education and local restaurantsLogo reading "Week of the Stars"

PLEASANTON, CA: How’s this sound: taking an entire week off of cooking, enjoying delicious restaurant meals, and strengthening the community at the same time. 


It’s possible, thanks to a group of 9 restaurants in Pleasanton, Dublin, and Newark, CA. The restaurants will be giving back 15-20% of proceeds to the Pleasanton Partnerships in Education Foundation (PPIE) as part of the nonprofit’s “Week of the Stars” event, which runs October 9 to 17, 2020.


Residents of the greater Pleasanton area can support both educational programs and local restaurants just by ordering take-out or dining in at the participating restaurants–they just need to mention that they are dining in support of PPIE. 


Some restaurants are giving back during the whole week, while others have particular days when they are participating. For the full list of restaurants and dates, click here.


“Week of the Stars” is a multifaceted event, with a variety of activities in addition to local dining. To find nearby restaurants interested in hosting fundraisers and manage logistics, PPIE is working with restaurant fundraising platform GroupRaise.


“Our education foundation is looking to go beyond a Zoom gala fundraiser and provide a week-long event for the entire community – with classes, restaurant participation, movie nights and more,” said Steve McCoy Thompson, Executive Director of PPIE. “GroupRaise is a valuable partner in spreading the word to order meals from local restaurants and support our schools at the same time.”


GroupRaise Co-founder and CEO Devin Baptiste is also glad for the partnership, adding, “PPIE is going the extra mile to adapt their fundraising to the pandemic and bring business to local Pleasanton restaurants. We’re happy to be working with PPIE to make the local dining part of ‘Week of the Stars’ possible.”


To participate in PPIE’s “Week of the Stars,” check out the list of restaurants here and the other activities here.


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