GroupRaise “Takeout for Good” Raised $40K+ for Local Food Banks 6/2

GroupRaise “Takeout for Good” Event Raised Over $40K for Local Food Banks June 2nd – Press Release

Posted by Laura Bilsborrow

Over 20,000 Americans nationwide ordered takeout in support of local restaurants and families in need

Heart with fork and knife and message, "Thanks For Your Support!"


Something beautiful happened on June 2nd.


Despite COVID-19 and evening curfews in many cities, the GroupRaise “Takeout for Good” fundraiser was still successful. Based on results restaurants have reported so far, the event brought in more than $200,000 in takeout orders for local restaurants across the country which then donated over $40,000 to their community food banks.


More than 1500 restaurants nationwide participated in the fundraiser, donating 15-25% of the proceeds from takeout orders to their local food banks.


Restaurant fundraising platform and social impact company GroupRaise organized the event to help restaurants reconnect with their communities and generate much-needed donations for food banks.


“It’s amazing to see community-minded people across the country stepped up to fight hunger and support their local restaurants. On June 2nd, making a difference was as simple as ordering takeout,” said GroupRaise Co-founder and CEO Devin Baptiste.


Smiling man handing packaged food to woman - participants in Takeout for Good for local food banks


Food-insecure families are still in a tough spot. As millions of people have become suddenly unemployed, many have had to rely on food banks to make ends meet. But several food banks are struggling to keep up with the increased demand.


Local restaurants aren’t out of the woods either. Already weakened by the pandemic, many faced even further damage — either financial or physical — during the protests of the past few weeks.


Beyond Takeout for Good, GroupRaise is encouraging people to keep their communities strong by bringing business to local restaurants and lending support to nonprofits where they can. Community members can do both by holding restaurant fundraisers for their own causes. Learn more about how to set up your own restaurant fundraiser on the GroupRaise website.


If you’re a restaurant owner interested in hosting local community groups for fundraisers, get your restaurant listed on the GroupRaise platform.


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