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10 Best Fundraising Ideas for Church Groups

In this article you will find the 10 best fundraising ideas for church groups and how your congregation can implement them. We know that sometimes getting the community together can be a daunting task, and thinking of fundraiser ideas for your church can be challenging, but fret no more!


In 2022, fundraising ideas for church must be easy, creative and especially effective!


Fundraising is an important part of your church. It’s more than necessary to have a strong base of support, to do great things for your community. Fortunately, there are countless entertaining, profitable and amazing church fundraising ideas for you to try out! 


Church Fundraisers

Churches are very important organizations in the communities. They are often a home base for all types of neighborhood gatherings and events! But to effectively support your community, you first need a solid financial foundation. 


Churches may need to promote the education of their youth, provide essential services to the community and even finance mission trips, so raising funds is vital to support the church’s mission and operations. 


Church fundraisers play an important role in achieving this, they not only help to maintain the church’s finances, but are also a great way to build a stronger and more connected community. Encouraging your congregation, supporters, and community members to work together to support your give back goals, will help foster a strong sense of local camaraderie!


Church Fundraising ideas

Before you get started with any church fundraising initiatives, it is important that you make sure you have the tools in place and good ideas in mind to put into practice. If you’re skipping these steps, your fundraising efforts won’t be as effective as they could be!


We know that raising money to support all these services, projects and groups can be tough, especially after the pandemic. But the church fundraising ideas you’ll see in this article can help you find the best and easiest ways to raise funds for your congregation!


Check out our top church fundraising ideas per group type below!


Unique Youth Group Fundraising Ideas 


Christian Book Fair 

Reading is an essential skill so why not use this habit of the faithful as an ally when organizing a church fundraiser. 


The youth group can collect donated books during Sunday school classes and at the end of the month, hold a book fair to raise money for the congregation. 


Host a Restaurant Fundraiser 

When brainstorming youth group fundraising ideas, you know it must be something fun, simple, and attractive for the kids. This is exactly what a fundraiser restaurant provides.


Gather the youth of your church for a night out, where they can enjoy a delicious restaurant meal, support your cause and the local community at the same time! A percentage of restaurant sales on the day of your event will then be donated back to your church. 


You can find participating restaurants near you on GroupRaise.com. Choose from over 10,000 restaurants that give back nationwide below!


Fundraising ideas for church restaurant fundraiser chefs preparing food in comercial kitchen

Image by Elle Hughes from Pexels


Easter Egg Hunt 

This is an easy-to-organize church fundraiser that requires very little cost. All you need is an area with good places to hide the eggs, such as parks. Just set up the hunt and have a prize for the young congregant who finds the most eggs. 


Charge a small participation fee and let the kids, teens — even adults — loose!


Game night 

Nothing brings a community together like a good game night! This, for sure, is one of the most beloved fundraising ideas for teens!


You just need to ask the community to donate their TVs, video games, board games, or consoles for one night. Then, you can request a donation in exchange for game night participation.


Creative Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas 


T-Shirt Fundraiser

Selling customized T-shirts for your mission trip is a great way to get donations and spread the word about your mission.


Plus, this is an easy idea to put into practice! 


You can look for sellers of customized shirts online, such as Bonfire, then create a design for your cause, and let your members, supporters, and community support your trip by buying them and showing them off around their neighborhood.


Host a Give Back Breakfast 

Hosting a give back breakfast can be an effective and delicious way to raise funds for your mission trip. 


Invite your church members and community to purchase tickets to attend the breakfast. Then during the breakfast, ask the trip attendees to share their experience, excitement, and what they’ll accomplish with the help of the donations. This type of personal engagement can inspire community members to donate even more to the cause!


Taking photos and videos during the event and posting them on social media can also be a great idea! In the article, Strike a Pose! Photo Tips to Put Your Fundraising Cause in Focus, you’ll find amazing tips to help you do so! 



fundraising ideas for church give back breakfast with pancakes and fruit

Image by Anete Lusina from Pexels


Movie night

Invite the entire community to take part in a movie night. For this church fundraising idea, you will need a family-friendly movie, a projector and a screen, and comfortable seating. 


Charge per entrant and encourage guests to bring items like pillows, lawn chairs, and blankets to make themselves comfortable during the film.


Easy Fundraiser Ideas for Small Groups


Garage Sale 

Organizing a garage sale is a perfect fundraising idea for small groups. You can ask members to go through some of their old belongings and set aside things that they no longer need.


Distribute everything on tables in front of the church on a sunny day and invite the community to check out all the goods. 


Themed Parties 

A themed party is one of the easiest and most fun fundraising ideas for church communities.


You only need to choose a theme for the event that fits your community or is linked to some special upcoming date (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, etc.). Then sell tickets for your event and let the community have fun!


To add some spice to your event, you can also hold an auction at the party to raise some extra money and give people the opportunity to return home with a fun gift and a memorable night. 


Fundraising ideas for church children drawing at Easter themed party

Image by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels


Candle Sale

Selling candles is one of the simplest and most profitable fundraiser ideas for small groups!


You just need to find a provider that offers high-quality candles and collect contributions in exchange for candles, this form of fundraising is particularly successful around certain holidays.


For more ideas like these, you can check out this article 30 Fundraising Ideas Compared – Find the Best for You or you can also explore the GroupRaise blog to find out more!


You Got This!

All right, now that you’ve heard all about the different fundraising ideas for church groups, what are you waiting for? Get out there and fundraise. You got this!


Church fundraising not only helps to ensure a church’s financial viability but also unites community members and parishioners for a good cause. Through fundraising events, your church has the chance to showcase its work to the wider community, and positively impact even more beneficiaries. 


And while you’re here, aren’t you curious to find out which restaurants host fundraisers near you? A restaurant fundraiser is a delicious and easy way to support your cause – it could be the perfect choice for your next church fundraiser.