Strike a Pose! Photo Tips to Put Your Fundraising Cause in Focus

Strike a Pose! Photo Tips to Put Your Fundraising Cause in Focus

Posted by Brittney Ferguson

Think about the last time you were scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. What did you come across that made you stop scrolling and read further? Chances are, it was a high-quality, colorful photo. 

If you’re looking to raise money for your college club, charity, school, or sports team, you can use photos to help promote your cause. What better place to capture the spirit of your group than a fundraising event? With all your supporters gathered together, you’ll be able to take photos that show the people behind your movement.

Posting photos from the event will help raise awareness for your cause, and when your readers see how much fun everyone had – they’ll be sure not to miss the next one!

In this article, you will learn how to take good group photos at restaurant fundraisers, one of the easiest and most social types of fundraising events. Scroll down for the photography tips you’ve been waiting for!

Six people in green t-shirts outside a restaurant.

How to Take Good Group Photos

Prepare Ahead of Time

  1. Location is everything. Head to the restaurant a few minutes early to pick out the perfect spot. You want to ensure you have a space that will fit the entire group and has good natural light. If the restaurant has low light, consider gathering the group underneath the sign outside of the building.
  2. Have an idea of how you want everyone positioned ahead of time. Do you want people standing, sitting in chairs, staggered, or organized by height? When having the group stand, put taller people in the back center and shorter people on front and sides.
  3. Make sure the camera functions properly before guests arrive. You can even do a couple test shots with a volunteer. For the best quality group photos, we recommend using a real camera with a tripod. If that’s not possible, cell phones will work just fine, but try to find the attendee whose phone has the latest camera to ensure the best quality photos possible! 
  4. Bring along any props, flags, and signs related to your group or organization! 
Great example of how to take good group photos.

Getting the Perfect Group Shot

  1. Take the photo at the beginning of the event, before you order the food. This will keep the setting tidier. When you have larger groups, speed is key because people’s attention will dwindle quickly, especially if they arrive with hungry bellies.  
  2. Alert your group a few minutes ahead of time, so they can check their teeth, fix their hair, and start making their way to the designated photo location. You can start getting everyone into position while the others filter in.
  3. When taking the photo, get as close as possible without cutting people out. The closer you get, the more detail you’ll be able to see of your supporters’ smiling faces. If possible, shoot from above your group to make the faces more visible. Remind your guests… “If you can’t see the camera, the camera can’t see you!”
  4. Prevent blurry photos by ensuring the camera is very still. On a mobile phone, tap on the faces to focus the camera.  
  5. Try out the Burst function on the iPhone (also known as Continuous Shooting Mode), which captures 10 frames per second. This is an excellent feature because the first group shot tends to be a bit too posed, but the following shots will look more relaxed. Plus, you’ll have multiple photos to choose from if someone had their eyes closed in one. To use this function on the iPhone, simply hold down the shutter button. 
  6. No group picture would be complete without a funny photo! Once you have your regular photos, instruct your guests to make a goofy face and snap away. Burst mode works great here!
Two women and a boy smiling.

More Event Photography Tips and Tricks

Now that you know how to take good group photos, try some of these other ideas:

  1. Break out the attendees into small groups (families, team members, captains, board members, teachers, coaches, etc.)
  2. Snap action shots throughout the event — of your supporters eating, laughing and goofing off. When people see how much fun you had at your event, they’ll be sure to attend the next!
  3. Utilize portrait mode on the iPhone for artistic-looking photos. These look awesome when highlighting food or shots with one or two people in it. Portrait mode is also great for snapping fun selfies.
  4. Want to snag last-minute attendees? Post the photos to your Instagram or Facebook story!
  5. Be sure to tag @GroupRaise in your Facebook and Instagram posts! You’ll be able to reach an even wider audience of potential supporters.


Once you’ve filled both your camera memory card and your belly at a restaurant fundraiser, be sure to upload your favorite pics to social media. Your top-notch images will help your cause gain visibility, increase engagement, attract new potential donors, and draw traffic to your next fundraising event! 

You can even use your photos to encourage post-event donations via the GroupRaise platform, so supporters who may have missed the event still have 7 days to donate to your group or charity.  

With these event photography tips, you’ll be sure to have a fundraiser your supporters will never forget! How can they? There will be photos for proof! And with all this momentum you’ve got, why not go ahead and plan your next fundraiser?