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Eat happy at a honeygrow fundraiser & two other kitchens

Posted by Steven Keely

20% of sales at a loved restaurant – that’s the elevator pitch for a honeygrow fundraiser.


Elicit donations and eat delectable, with no need for grease. This is what makes a honeygrow fundraiser & two other give back programs good healthy fundraisers.


This GroupRaise blog post gives you three (really? yes, three!) healthy fundraising ideas.


It isn’t just a honeygrow fundraiser where you can eat food that is:

  • healthy,
  • made-from-scratch,
  • locally sourced where possible, and
  • made of ingredients curated for quality and environmental impact.


So now you’re asking, what restaurants do fundraisers? *Ehem* healthy restaurants.


We’re not talking about a lame salad at a greasy burger joint. We’re talking:

  • Fresh, fast, and flavorful, like a Modern Market fundraiser meal.
  • Or vegan victuals at a Native Foods fundraiser that are so damn good a meat-eater for-life wouldn’t care.


Honeygrow is a lifestyle restaurant offering (very customizable) stir-fry and salad…

…and honeybars


honeybar fruit and granola available at a honeygrow fundraiser


Ugh, so much for healthy.

Wait, it’s 300 calories?

…um, where’s the nearest honeygrow near me?


All three of these restaurant fundraising powerhouses (more on donations below!) are fast-casual, with not one inch of ground given to cheap artificial taste enhancers.


Here’s what a fundraiser at any of these three meal musketeers offer:

  • Come hungry, leave happy.
  • Come for charity, leave knowing you fattened the account (not your waistline).


(You can read more here generally about how to pick a restaurant fundraising venue.)


Onward to honeygrow!


Savor with standards at a honeygrow restaurant fundraiser

Custom diets deserve custom salads and stir-fry. It’s not too much to ask!


Add in the always scrumptious honeybar, too.


And that’s still not too much to ask, because these are on the menu at a honeygrow restaurant fundraiser.


And guess what? This lifestyle restaurant has a distinct “lifestyle menu.”


At honeygrow that means:

  • People with keto or Paleo diets? They’re happy!
  • Vegans & Vegetarians? Happy!
  • Plus, the honeygrow menu is whole-friendly with high-protein and gluten-free choices.


honeygrow dine to donate salad with avocado, eggs, tomato and lettuce


(Finish drooling while glancing at honeygrow’s calendar, below.)



So, you’re sold on the honeygrow menu. A honeygrow restaurant fundraiser is tasty and healthy (at an affordable $20 meal average price).


Cool. But you want to know more about the honeygrow give back program.

How does honeygrow fundraising even work?


The nice & easy version of the honeygrow give back program is the following.

  • Get 20% of sales donated back shortly after your honeygrow fundraiser meal. Just hit the 20 RSVPs minimum!
  • Enjoy the breadth of honeygrow hours! You can schedule a honeygrow restaurant fundraiser from morning to later in the evening all days of the week.


Just make sure your cause is truly non-profit and affects a group, not just an individual. (For more details on who qualifies, read here.)


And that’s not all, because scheduling a honeygrow fundraiser (which you can do here) comes with a high-performing promotional toolkit.

  • Interested in flyers? Get printable and digital ones, customized to your healthy fundraiser meal.
  • Want an email ready to go? You’ll get one that’s forwardable!
  • Excited to share on social media? Receive multiple pieces of content unique to your charity and event, including a Meal Page.
  • Plus, use various draft text messages to boost your RSVP count.


All these tools are fitted into a suggested timeline for your charity’s promotional efforts.


So, is honeygrow the sauce and the sizzle, or what? Let’s sum it up!


A smooth process with a sweet aftertaste, that’s honeygrow fundraising

You’ve now seen the menu. And, you now know this: food-pleasure and food-sense can travel together…to a honeygrow restaurant fundraiser. That’s right. Food-pleasure and food-sense. You’ve never read word-smithery like this.


Let’s break down the honeygrow fundraising experience.


Sign up quick & easy.

Enjoy your pick of days and times.

RSVPs are fish in a barrel with your special promo kit.


So, what’s the plan?

  • Show up. Eat good, eat clean, and talk to people.
  • Soon after the event get 20% in your charity’s account.



It’s all fresh, fast, and flavorful at a Modern Market fundraiser

But it’s not just honeygrow, learn about two more healthy fundraising ideas. We’ll start with a Modern Market fundraiser and then learn about Native Foods.


Everybody knows that convenience comes at the expense of health, right? Hold that thought. A Modern Market fundraiser proves it a lie.


Try one out and see:

  • Digital yet stress-free ordering screens.
  • Tech-ed up kitchens churning out the juicy, the zesty, and the crunchy.


Fast and furious. That’s a Modern Market fundraiser speed-wise.

  • Convenience? Check.


Are we out of the lands of healthy fundraisers now? Nope!


Can’t pronounce the ingredient? Then it’s not part of the Modern Market menu!


Made from scratch? And we’re not muttering some meaning for marketing only.

  • We’re talking ingredients you can pronounce – put together on the spot.


That’s made from scratch. That’s what you get at a Modern Market eatery.


Come and get some, but just one thing. If you want something on the list below, don’t schedule a Modern Market fundraiser. It’s not a part of the menu. And it’s not a part of the values behind the menu.

  • Trans fat
  • Hydrogenated anything
  • Artificial flavors & colors
  • Hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • Funky additives


Not interested in these things, which are found in some food-like items? Good.

  • You won’t find the productions of food scientists at a Modern Market eatery.
  • You will discover the self-respecting labor of foodies and farmers.



A Modern Market fundraiser offers limitless customization, like a honeygrow fundraiser. In this way they too are able to satisfy the needs of different dietary lifestyles.


Check out the Lemongrass Tuna. Bits of salt flakes, mixed with herbs. There are vinegary flavors. The tuna is seared nicely. The vegetables are crunchy.


Oh, and what’s the average meal price at Modern Market locations?

  • Just $10.


People will love your final pick from all the healthy fundraising ideas you came up with.


Modern market food for fundraising


Speaking of RSVPs: don’t forget to use your printable custom flyer, an event-unique Meal Page, and a draft text reminder for supporters on event day.


(Read here for general information about how promotional activity works with GroupRaise fundraisers.)


And the donations?

  • Receive a generous 30% back if 20 RSVPs show up to the Modern Market near me.


Well, when is a Modern Market fundraiser possible?

  • All days of the week! Modern Market hours: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.


Three quick pointers for your ultimate success:

  • Make sure you’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
  • Upload your W-9 within 10 days of booking the event.
  • You’ll get donations back between 4-6 weeks after the event date.


And when you’re searching for a Modern Market near me, remember that Modern Market locations are in various Colorado and Texas cities, as well as Phoenix (Arizona).


We can all agree that a Modern Market eatery is the right choice for healthy fundraisers. For the unconvinced, let’s see if this summary helps!


Modern Market fundraising is a fresh definition of fast food

Bullet-style? Let’s do it!

  • 30% back.
  • Promo help.
  • $10 average meal.
  • Events all days of the week!


Nice. And the Modern Market menu is like, what?


This is a food-forward, health-conscious, fast-turnout with zero compromises on quality and the environment.


A Modern Market fundraiser combines the speed of modernity with the earthiness of ye-olden-times farming. Minus the consequences of factory mechanization and (dis-)efficient supply chains.


Okay forget that mouthful. Let’s eat something better.


We’ll go to a Modern Market eatery. It’s simple there.



Vegan means deliberate and delicious at a Native Foods fundraiser

The thought is what counts. Here’s a thought:


When it’s vegan, when it’s really vegan, that is one way to definitely be thoughtful about food.


It’s good food-sense.


Food is (definitely) thoughtful (and good) when it’s:

  • Plant-based
  • Environmentally based
  • Reality-based
  • Taste-buds-based


Feisty vegan victuals are an abundance with a Native Foods menu in hand!


In every Native Foods café, animal well-being and environmental balance are core values.


So is good eating. Good eating. Healthy and tasty. People deserve the best of both worlds at the dinner table. That simple ideal is what any Native Foods Cafe makes real.


GroupRaise also offers the best of two worlds through a Native Foods fundraiser.

  • Your love of a good burger.
  • And your love of a great cause.


(Aaaand your love of feeling happy about what you ate – hours later.)


This is what a Native Foods fundraiser has on its tables and countertops for you.

  • Mouthfuls of satisfaction, with not a dip of the guilt.



Presenting from the Native Foods menu…


The Gastropub Burger. Tomato bacon jam. You’re thinking, are you for real? Yeah! You didn’t think that eating vegan food was, like, munching on grass, did you?


This is some creative stuff here! Respects to the chefs. But. Remember – if mouth-watering nutrition bothers you after reading this list, then a Native Foods cafe is not for you.

  • Zero animal products
  • 100% plants
  • Non-GMO


Cool with that list?




Native foods fundraiser vegan burger


Let’s run through how Native Foods fundraising works:

  • It’s no bank-breaker for your supporters, with meals averaging around $10.
  • Get 20% back once you hit 20 RSVPs.
  • Hold a fundraiser from Monday through Thursday, between Native Foods hours of 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm.


Be sure to benefit from the promotional tools provided by GroupRaise and Native Foods.

  • Use your printable custom flyer, an event-unique Meal Page, and a draft text reminder for supporters on event day.


With all these upsides of a Native Foods fundraiser, it’s clear that the thought does count here. The Native Foods café near me that you find will demonstrate it.


Satisfy them all the vegan way with Native Foods fundraising

It is definitely not easy carefully picking ingredients, considering both quality for the customer and effects on the environment. The Native Foods fundraising experience comes from these obstacles being overcome.


It is also certainly not easy making food from scratch, putting together meals from each fresh and whole ingredient. A Native Foods café is a vegan hive of fast n’ fresh food-making.


And…it isn’t easy to stop eating Cauliflower Dippers.


Aaaand…they’re on the menu – at a Native Foods fundraising meal! Woohoo!


Don’t forget:

  • 20% is donated back,
  • average meal price is $10, and
  • have a promo kit in hand!


You know all you need to know about Native foods fundraising:

  • Step one. Spread the word.
  • Step two. Rack up RSVPs.
  • Step three. Melt cravings and appeal to giving hearts.
  • And step four. Stuff cash into the charity account.



Conclusion: three healthy fundraisers offer taste and toss waste

What are some healthy fundraisers? Restaurants.


If you’re going to do a restaurant fundraiser, check out this GroupRaise step-by-step guide on how to do them well!


What restaurants do fundraisers? You saw the lineup in this post. You know the deal. We’ve explored the menus of each charity meal musketeer. Let’s do a quick review of all three together!


People like these places. Honeygrow. Modern Market. Native Foods.

  • They’re a punch in the gut to boring fundraising experiences.
  • And they’re a helping hand to worthy causes.


None of these restaurants mull over menus that fit into a tidy little conceptual box. They’re all creative with what they do. They are thoughtful.


Now you’ve got some healthy fundraising ideas. Let’s skim the highlights!

  • A salad with ingredients that really combine together.
  • A sizzling stir-fry to leave you satisfied at meal’s end.
  • A memory of a meal, not the size of it, to lull you to sleep.


Glance over the wide-open calendar of your local honeygrow’s healthy and tasty give back program!



Put the freshness into the fastness of casual restaurant-ing. Do it with Modern Market fundraising!



Try a vegan burger that a staunch beef patty lover could adore too! Look for a Native Foods café!



And don’t just limit your charity to these three fundraising powerhouses. GroupRaise sports a rainbow array of restaurant fundraising venues. Sort through and pick the one that suits you best, right here!