How to host a fundraising dinner at restaurants using GroupRaise

Posted by GroupRaise

Fundraising dinners are easily the most delicious way to fundraise, and GroupRaise is making
restaurant fundraisers even easier to host. Simply choose a restaurant and a date for your fundraising meal where a percentage of the sales goes to support the cause you care about most.

The process is simple:

  1. Choose a restaurant & a date online at
  2. Invite your friends and supporters
  3. Eat a delicious meal and receive between 15-50% of sales to donate to your group!

You can check out this video that shows you how to book a fundraiser in 1 minute.


The fundraising event has a window of time so people can come and go when they like, all your supporters need to do is let the restaurant know they are participating in the fundraiser.

The restaurant can use their POS system to track your groups sales, or simply collect the receipts in a basket or envelope, and your sales total will be calculated using these receipts!

Here’s a really short video to show you how easy it all is!


Now with over 5,000 restaurants participating around the country, you can select a location that will donate between 15-50% of the sales to your cause.

GroupRaise is designed for any individuals or groups passionate about a cause! Whether it be a dedicated individual, a school group, church, soccer team, community group, college club, sorority or fraternity, you and your group can start planning your GroupRaise fundraiser right now. Groups are not required to have a 501(c)(3) tax ID in order to host a fundraiser with GroupRaise, however, a small percentage of our partner restaurants only host fundraisers for tax-exempt organizations. To learn more about the tax ID click here.

Fundraising dinners are free to host and groups will receive 100% of the money they raised. GroupRaise doesn’t take any of your raised funds, and is here to help you along the way. For example, you will receive tools and tips on how to host the best fundraising dinner possible, a meal page to share with your supporters, and information about how to promote your GroupRaise dinner so the most invitees attend. Most of all, GroupRaise is here so you can help bring your community together while raising awareness for your cause, with good food to share.

To host your fundraiser dinner, request your date at