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How to Host a Fundraising Dinner Using GroupRaise

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Looking for a delicious way to raise money for your organization? It’s simple–host a fundraising dinner! Thanks to GroupRaise, this has never been easier.

Simply choose a restaurant and a date for your fundraising meal and a percentage of the sales goes towards the cause you care about most.

Hosting a fundraising dinner is a great way to raise money for your cause!


How It Works

You can earn up to 50% of sales by gathering friends and family together for a delicious meal. Hosting a fundraising dinner is super easy:

  1. Choose a restaurant near you
  2. Select your date and time
  3. Invite your friends and supporters
  4. Eat and enjoy!

For more help with making a request, we’ve put together this 1 minute video to guide you through the process.


The Details

Before Your Event:

The fundraising requests must be made at least 2 weeks before the desired fundraising date. This gives the restaurant enough time to prepare for the event and allows you enough time to spread the word to as many supporters as possible.

For tips on promoting your event, check out our blog post on How to Host a Successful Fundraiser.

During Your Event:

Each restaurant sets a time frame for fundraising events. Supporters can come and go as they like anytime during this period. When paying their bill, they simply let the restaurant know that they’re with the fundraiser and that’s it–their bill is counted towards the total sales.

After Your Event:

Within 4-6 weeks of your event, the restaurant will donate anywhere from 15-50% of the total sales back to your chosen cause, group, or organization. For more on what happens after your event, check out our article on the Post Fundraiser Experience.


Why GroupRaise?

GroupRaise is designed for any individuals or groups passionate about a cause! Whether it be a dedicated individual, a school group, church, community group, college club, you and your group can start planning your fundraiser right now.

Not a nonprofit? Not a problem. Groups are not required to have a 501(c)(3) tax ID in order to host a fundraiser with GroupRaise. However, a small percentage of our partner restaurants do only host fundraisers for tax-exempt organizations so it’s important to check their Location Policies before making a request.

Fundraising dinners are free to host and GroupRaise doesn’t receive a cent of your hard-earned money–we’re simply here to help. When hosting a fundraising dinner  through us, you have access to:

  • Tools and tips on how to make sure your event is a hit
  • A personalized meal page to share with your supporters
  • A dedicated support team and Help Center to guide you along the way

Most importantly, GroupRaise is here to help you bring your community together while raising awareness for your cause, all while sharing great food.


Getting Started

With over 9,000 restaurants participating around the country, you’re guaranteed to find a delicious restaurant giving back near you. Simply enter your zip code to get started.