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Your Guide to the Jason’s Deli Fundraiser

Posted by Laura Bilsborrow

Have you got a hankering for sandwiches and also need to raise money for your school, charity, or college group? A Jason’s Deli fundraiser is the clear choice.

They’ve been serving up fresh, healthy sandwiches as well as salads, soups, and more since they opened their first location in Beaumont, Texas in 1976. Now, Jason’s Deli is giving back to the community by offering 15% donated back to your organization when you host a fundraising meal with them.

In this article, you’ll learn all about how to host a Jason’s Deli fundraiser. Spoiler alert – it’s actually super easy and only takes 1 minute to set up!

A Jason's Deli fundraiser is an awesome way to raise money for your cause.

How the Jason’s Deli Fundraiser Works

With just a few clicks, you can set up a Jason’s Deli fundraising meal. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a Jason’s Deli location 
  2. Pick a date and time that works well for your group
  3. Fill in your group information and estimate how many people will RSVP
  4. Submit!


That’s it! Make sure to submit your request at least 2 weeks before you want to hold the event. Any group can fundraise: college clubs, churches, school PTAs, you name it. Once you send your request, the restaurant will respond within 7 days. 


When your event is confirmed, it’s time to spread the word! Log on to your social media accounts and let anyone and everyone know about your Jason’s Deli fundraiser. The more people come, the more you’ll earn for your organization. You’ll need a minimum of 20 people to RSVP, but the sky’s the limit in terms of attendance above that.


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During your event, your attendees just have to mention that they are dining in support of your organization, and 15% of their order will be donated back. Finally, the restaurant will send you a check with the total amount of donations 4-6 weeks after your event.


After you have a blast chatting with friends, chowing down on tasty food, and raking in the dough for your organization, your supporters will be asking you, “When’s the next one?” Good news: you can hold as many Jason’s Deli fundraisers as you want!

Need to raise money for your college club? Try the Jason's Deli fundraiser.

A Big Bite of Deliciousness

Jason’s Deli is the perfect place for a fundraiser because you can choose from a variety of delicious, fresh, healthy food. Everyone in your group will be able to enjoy a satisfying meal. 


First of all, you’ll be in sandwich heaven. In addition to the featured clubs, paninis, and wraps, you can build your own sandwich or try a muffaletta.


What is a muffaletta? If you haven’t tried this southern-style sandwich, you’re in for a treat! The sandwich became a New Orleans classic after Italian immigrants introduced it. The bread is wide and round and inside you’ll find an olive spread, provolone cheese, and various types of meat. Pair it with a fresh-brewed sweet or unsweet iced tea and you’re in for a fantastic meal.


If sandwiches are not really your thing, don’t worry. Jason’s Deli also has soups, baked potatoes, pasta, salads, and a salad bar. Within those options, both vegetarians and gluten-free eaters will find a perfect match. There’s even a kids menu for little diners, making for a family-friendly atmosphere.


Oh, and there’s also FREE ICE CREAM that comes with your meal! If there’s anything that can draw a crowd, it’s wonderful food and free ice cream.

The Jason's Deli fundraiser is a delicious way to raise money.

Why Fundraise with Jason’s Deli?

Jason’s Deli allows you to eat well and devote a portion of your order right back to your favorite cause. There’s nothing better than enjoying tasty food, having a good time with your friends and family, and supporting your community – all at the same time!


Jason’s Deli is also convenient, affordable, and flexible. With nearly 300 locations across the US where you can fundraise, you’re sure to find one nearby. With an average meal price of $9, it’s an affordable night out option for those watching their budget. With both dine in and order to go options, your fundraiser will also be accessible for attendees with busy schedules.


Gather Your Group!

Now that you’ve heard all about Jason’s Deli’s delicious dining options and exciting fundraising potential, try it out for your organization’s next fundraiser. Find a participating location near you or view other restaurant fundraising opportunities in your area below.