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Spread the Spirit of National Sandwich Day with Your Community

Posted by Steven Keely

National Sandwich Day celebrates the most flexible food of them all, the time-honored, stomach-satisfying, sandwich. You can basically put whatever you want in between two slices of bread. With the right choice of restaurant (see the 3 highlighted below), you can turn your love of sandwiches into donations for causes you cherish. 


This National Sandwich Day you can look no further than this GroupRaise blog post to understand why, when, where, and how to celebrate. You will learn:


  • When our nation celebrates the sandwich,


  • how to festively fundraise and feast with this most flexible of foods, and


  • which venues turn the ordinary sandwich into an extraordinarily delectable and donation-generating experience.


If you’re not a nonprofit organizer, no problem! Share this article with someone who helps a mission you want to move forward. Make sure you mention all the benefits of hosting a fundraiser with GroupRaise restaurant partners, such as…



  • Transparent and speedy give back programs (like the donation check arriving in as little as 1 month). 



  • Last but not least, nonprofits generally get 15-20% of total sandwich fundraiser sales when they work with GroupRaise. 


More details on these and other benefits below. Also, don’t forget that plenty of restaurants offer National Sandwich Day deals. With this in mind, let’s talk about the timeline.


When is National Sandwich Day?

When is National Sandwich Day? November 3rd! We’d also like to mention National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day, which is a bit less than a week afterward, on November 9th. 


sandwich with tomato and lettuce on white plate

Image by Seriously Low Carb on Unsplash.


Depending on what day you read this article, you may not have enough time (or even an available slot at a nearby venue) to schedule a sandwich fundraiser the day of. No worries though! People celebrate holidays all the time around the technical day of, it’s the spirit of the thing. Be sure to share social media posts the days of–the 3rd and the 9th–to promote your fundraiser a few days or a week later. 


Speaking of timing, check for National Sandwich Day deals as you approach your fundraiser meal. It’s very common for sandwich shops to offer discounts, package deals, etc. Head on over to the website of your chosen venue and use these deals to attract more RSVPs and online orders. 


Celebrate National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day

What is National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day? A day when you should bite into something with textures in this order: First fluffy (the bread), then crispy (the breading), and finally, juicy (the chicken)


Chick-fil-A says it made the original fried chicken sandwich. We don’t know who did the original deed, but these menu items are delicious! No need to wait until November 9, have some on November 3rd too. A Chic-fil-A National Sandwich Day would be a dream way to raise funds, head on over to their website to start the whole application process! But you can also keep reading and use the streamlined processes of McAlister’s Deli, Cousins Subs, and D’Angelo.


In the spirit of National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day, people will want to RSVP because donating to a good charity will be the same as eating a buttered bun with a smattering of dill pickles cushioned on either side of a seasoned up and plump hunk of chicken. So yeah, you should definitely try this type of fundraiser. If you’re not a nonprofit organizer, just share this article with someone who volunteers or works at a nonprofit you like. 


Celebrate National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day the right way, supporting charities you care about. Start now with a quick search.


Caught Comfortably Between A Bun And A Slice: A Sandwich Fundraiser

You’re sold on fried chicken sandwiches, but have we really talked about the virtues of sandwiches generally? A sandwich fundraiser works so well because it focuses on a distinct food that is also broadly appealing to potential RSVPs. You want more RSVPs, don’t you? More RSVPs = more donations


  • Sandwiches sell for a wide range of prices to fit many economic situations.


  • What you put between the bread can satisfy the standards of any dietary lifestyle, from those voracious for meat to vegans. 


  • The tastes you can enjoy, from the condiments to the bread to the vegetables, is very customizable. 


The spirit of National Sandwich Day is equality: We all love sandwiches (our way, my way). 


But how did the sandwich start? With John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. He loved to eat meat and also often played cards, so he would sometimes eat while playing. But he noticed that he got grease on his fingers which damaged the cards. The Earl wanted to keep grease off his fingers. That’s why he ordered his meat brought to him in-between two slices of bread, and thus, the sandwich was born!


baked bread with vegetable on brown chopping board

Image by Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash.


Just like the Earl, remember you can have sandwiches catered to your and yours! Don’t forget that catering is available at all three restaurants below: McAlister’s Deli, Cousins Subs, and D’Angelo. 


Make It Mmm With A McAlister’s Deli Sandwich Fundraiser

McAlister’s Deli, what can we say, it’s a national restaurant for local communities to bond and relax over salads, soups, sides of all kinds, and of course, sandwiches. A McAlister’s Deli sandwich fundraiser is not high or low energy, it’s a relaxed environment for families and neighbors to savor good cooking and the delicate-ssen art of the sandwich. 


McAlister's fundraisers are a delicious way to raise money for your group.


You won’t find many sandwich puns at a McAlister’s Deli fundraiser though, just a good club with smoked and clean portions of turkey, a rich cut of sharp cheddar, and just the right amount of mayonnaise. The formula for the special honey mustard though, you won’t know unless you reverse engineer your meal. The only issue there is, you’ll want to eat the McAlister’s Club so fast! What a cunning setup they’ve got over there, they make amazing sandwiches!


20% give back is a whopper for that healthy meal you and your fellow prosocial peeps will give to the community. The price for that meal is a reasonable $13, making the cost of entry for the kind hearted an easy one to pass by. All this is possible on Tuesdays from 5:00pm to 9:00pm–during those times you can set up a McAlister’s Deli sandwich fundraiser


What if someone can’t make it to dine-in, or at least for take out or drive thru? No cause of concern there, let them know in your shares that delivery and pick up are on the table. So if the nonprofit group you want to help fits any of the categories below, then a McAlister’s Deli fundraiser is perfect for you!


  • K-12 Schools and Teachers, 
  • College and University Organizations, 
  • Youth Sports, 
  • Community & Religious Groups, 
  • Community & Neighborhood Improvement (Libraries, Parks, Gardens), 
  • Military, Veterans & First Responders, and 
  • Food Banks.


Now’s the time to get involved in the most delicious way possible, a great sandwich for a good price at a great deli. That’s McAlister’s, so look over their calendar for as little as a minute and get the process moving. 



Move Mountains And Melt Pepperoni At A Cousins Subs Fundraiser

Try a Pepperoni Melt at a Cousins Subs fundraiser on Parmesan Asiago bread. Toasted, the buns hold a stack of zesty, shiny pepperoni and clean-cut ham. Melted provolone threatens to undo the stability of the ensemble, while fresh lettuce, onions, and tomatoes form a light upper layer. 


15% back on such an appetite squeeze? That’s a deal! One you can have Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm any week. Cousins Subs hours for fundraisers offer great sandwiches at an affordable $7 average meal price. Celebrate National Sandwich Day with a broadly-appealing venue. 


This sub shop started in 1972, back when bell-bottoms were a thing and COVID was not. Two mates, Bill and Jim, with a love for sandwiches traveled from the East Coast to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There they made a home and a loved Wisconsin restaurant chain. 


Sandwich, cheese curds, and drink at a Cousins Subs fundraiser


But you surely will not have to labor as much as they, because a Cousins Subs fundraiser includes not just dine-in, but also delivery, drive-through, take out and pick up! You can tell people in your social media network to order online, even do catering, and 15% goes into that sizeable donation check your favored nonprofit greatly needs.


Setup a Cousins Subs fundraiser now, right on over here



D’angelo Grilled Sandwiches Are A New England Classic

Over 50 years of grilled sandwich craftsmanship, the New England natives at the D’Angelo restaurant chain have been getting better and better. It started in Dedham, Massachusetts and now sprawls over 80 locations across the region.


National Sandwich Day is well celebrated with D’Angelo grilled sandwiches, a fundraiser that can happen Monday through Thursday 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. You can dine-in or do take-out. You can order online for delivery and pick up. The options don’t stop there, just make sure you send in a W-9 so you get that 20% give back.


Speaking of choice, the D’Angelo restaurant classic Number 9 takes your choice of steak or chicken fresh and hot off the grill and mixes them with peppers, mushrooms, and onions. The meaty sizzled vegetable stack is plopped in a soft roll and layered with melted cheese. 


At a $13 average price per meal, D’Angelo grilled sandwiches are prime opportunities to attract donations. After all, with GroupRaise, eating is donating. What a recipe for nonprofit success!


Are you located in or traveling through New England? If you come across a favored savored local sandwich shop, you may very well have happened upon a D’Angelo restaurant. In that event you’d enjoy great sandwiches at reasonable prices. Why not help host a fundraiser to support not only a local employer, but a local nonprofit?


We can’t think of better reasons than these to look for a D’Angelo’s shop near you. Check one out.



Fun And Funds Befriend Each Other At A Sandwich Fundraiser

We both know you haven’t tried a veritable treasure trove of variations on what you may have thought was an old hat menu item, the sandwich. How about pesto with grilled chicken on fresh baked bread? Maybe some fresh vegetables will do the trick. Have some sweet iced tea too. 


By now you’ve given up on the sandwich fundraiser or you’re sold on it. I tried my best, what can I say? For you believers, those zesty zealots happy to be caught between a bun and a slice, I say we sum it up and send you off in style.


What is National Sandwich Day


  • A dramatic day when bread-makers and condiment-producers make a killing. A delicious way to donate to a worthy cause. 


When is National Sandwich Day?


  • November 3rd. Also November 9 is National Fried Chicken Day


There are two types of sandwich eaters, those who pile it high and those who curate the content in between the bread. I’m a pile-high-er, maybe you’re a selective type. It’s okay, we can all get together and enjoy sandwiches in our own way.


Dare not a bit of delay, because precious funds are close at hand for those who fundraise this National Sandwich Day. Start now, start here–find a host partner through GroupRaise!