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Newk’s Eatery Fundraising – Why It’s Perfect for your Group

Posted by Laura Bilsborrow

There’s nothing better than enjoying some delicious American food with family and friends – unless you add fundraising to the mix. Along with great flavors and a friendly environment, Newk’s Eatery prides itself on involvement in local communities. They actively look to help local schools, churches, non-profits, and other organizations within their community, which is why when you host a Newk’s Eatery fundraising meal, they’ll give 15-20% of your group’s sales back to your cause!


In this article, we’re putting the spotlight on all Newk’s Eatery has to offer – from their menu to why they’re ideal for your group’s next fundraiser.

How do I organize a Newk’s Eatery fundraising event?

Fundraising with Newk’s Eatery is just as easy and even more rewarding than digging into a delicious pizza or sandwich. It only takes 1 minute to set up! You’ll want to:

  1. Choose a location near you
  2. Select a date and time that’s convenient for your group
  3. Provide basic information about your organization
  4. Click submit!

Put in your request at least 2 weeks before your desired event date. Then, within 7 days, the restaurant will respond to your request. Whether you’re part of a college club, church, sports team, or PTA, you can fundraise with Newk’s Eatery – all groups are welcome!


Once your event is approved, it’s time to promote! Spread the word to all your supporters and send them to your event’s unique Meal Page, where they can RSVP and learn more about the event. Are you a first-time fundraiser or looking to boost the attendance of your event? Check out our top tips and tricks for How to Host a Successful Fundraiser.


Then, on the day of your fundraiser, enjoy tasty American food while supporting your organization at the same time! During your event, your attendees simply have to show up during your time window and mention that they are dining in support of your organization, and a portion of their order will be donated back to your cause. Your supporters may even be able to have takeout orders count towards your fundraiser – check with the restaurant location beforehand to make sure.


When the lights go down on the day of your fundraiser, Newk’s Eatery will calculate your group’s total earnings. Then within 4-6 weeks, your group will receive a check in the mail. Get this: you can hold an unlimited amount of fundraisers at Newk’s Eatery, so feel free to make it a monthly or quarterly tradition!

Why host at Newk’s?

Above all, Newk’s Eatery is known for its delicious food. Choose from chicken bacon club sandwiches, spicy southwest caesar salads, and more to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Even picky eaters will find a delicious option within the menu. There are plenty of vegetarian and gluten-sensitive options too. To learn more, view the menu on the Newk’s Eatery website.


As if their delicious food weren’t enough, Newk’s Eatery donates a generous amount back to your group. With an average menu price of $7-15 and 15-20% donation rate, you’ll be able to fund your organization’s goals in no time!

Get Pumped!

Now that you know the lay of the land, it’s time to dig in. Setting up your Newk’s Eatery fundraising event takes just 1 minute and there’s no risk involved. Find a participating Newk’s Eatery location near you!