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Take-and-Bake Pizzas for a Cause: Papa Murphy’s Fundraising

Posted by Laura Bilsborrow

Scratch-made crust, scrumptious sauces, grated cheese, and fresh, high-quality toppings – what a combination! Papa Murphy’s has perfected the take-and-bake pizza, allowing you to customize your favorite pie, then take it home and bake it whenever you want. Add Papa Murphy’s fundraising to the mix, and it gets even better.


Enjoy a slice of your favorite pizza and earn money for a cause at the same time by hosting a Papa Murphy’s fundraiser and getting 25% donated back to your group. Sounds incredible, right? Scroll down to find out just how easy it is to raise money for your organization with Papa Murphy’s.

Chicken bacon artichoke pizza and bread rolls at a Papa Murphy's fundraiser

Image courtesy of Papa Murphy’s

How Papa Murphy’s Fundraising Works

Is this your first time fundraising? No worries, holding a restaurant fundraiser is actually pretty easy. Setting up your Papa Murphy’s fundraiser takes just one minute. Here’s how:

  1. Pick a Papa Murphy’s location
  2. Select a date and time range for your fundraiser
  3. Provide your group’s information
  4. Click submit!


Put in your request at least 2 weeks before your desired event date. Then, within 7 days, the restaurant will respond to your request. It doesn’t matter whether you are a PTA, college club, charity, or church group – any group can fundraise!


After your event is confirmed, it’s time to start promoting! You’ll need at least 20 people to RSVP, so get people excited about your event. Share your unique Meal Page with all your supporters and spread the word on social media. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Fundraising Through GroupRaise for more tips and advice about how to hold a successful restaurant fundraiser.


To participate on the day of your fundraiser, your supporters just need to tell the cashier that their order is part of your group’s fundraising event. Then, they can bake and enjoy their pizza on their own schedule, in the comfort of their own homes. That’s the beauty of take-and-bake pizza! 


Within 4-6 weeks after your fundraiser, Papa Murphy’s will send your organization a check for 25% of the sales from your group.

Cowboy pizza and salad at a Papa Murphy's fundraiser

Image courtesy of Papa Murphy’s

A Slice of Yummy, Cheesy Goodness

Your group will love the high-quality ingredients and wide variety of pizzas at Papa Murphy’s. Plus, there are options for vegetarians and gluten-sensitive eaters, so everyone will be included.


Fresh is Papa Murphy’s middle name. Every day, they make their crusts from scratch, shred cheese from blocks, and hand-cut vegetables which are never frozen. This attention to detail is what makes their pizzas so tasty.


Choose from chef-inspired classics such as the Cowboy pizza, with red sauce, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, black olives, herbs, and cheese. Or, go for a gourmet thin-crust option such as the Chicken Bacon Artichoke pizza. Plus, the possibilities are endless if you create your own pizza, choosing from 4 types of sauces and 25 different toppings.


In addition to their fantastic pizzas, Papa Murphy’s has everything you need to round out your meal. Pick up appetizers such as Thick ‘n’ Cheesy Homebaked Bread or Classic Cheesy Bread and add some greens with a salad. For a sweet treat to top it all off, make cookies using their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or bake a Cinnamon Wheel or S’mores Dessert Pizza.

Chicken and artichoke pizza with one slice on a plate at a Papa Murphy's fundraiser

Image courtesy of Papa Murphy’s

Why Fundraise with Papa Murphy’s?

First of all, Papa Murphy’s fundraising is convenient for those with busy schedules – making it an incredibly easy fundraising idea. Some of your supporters might not have time to sit down for a restaurant meal, but they can easily pick up an uncooked pizza and put it in the oven when they get home. Within only about a half hour, they’ll have a hot, home-made meal ready.


Plus, with an average order price of $17, your organization will be raking in the dough! 25% of your group’s sales will go toward your fundraiser, which adds up pretty quickly. With an unlimited number of times you can fundraise at Papa Murphy’s, you’ll be able to fund your group’s goals.


Calling All Pizza Lovers!

There’s nothing better than enjoying a hot, fresh pizza and giving back to your favorite cause at the same time. Find a participating Papa Murphy’s or another nearby restaurant such as MOD Pizza, Blaze Pizza, or Papa Gino’s and book your group’s fundraiser today!