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Benefits of Partnering Your Restaurant with GroupRaise

Posted by Laura Bilsborrow

Partnering with GroupRaise makes the experience of scheduling fundraising events easier than ever, all while promoting you to thousands of potential new customers as a brand that gives back.


By joining the GroupRaise restaurant community, you gain access to game-changing promotion services, a time-saving online platform, and more. See below for the full breakdown of key services and features!


GroupRaise Restaurant Marketing Services

GroupRaise Dashboard & Organization Features


GroupRaise Restaurant Marketing Services

Online Listing as a Local Fundraising Option

Just like everything else, restaurant fundraising has moved into the digital age. Local community groups now search for fundraising options online. If your restaurant fundraising program is not online too, you’re missing connecting to a ton of potential customers.


With your listing live, fundraising organizers can find you easily by inputting their address. Take a look at the example search below to see how your restaurant would appear or watch this 1 minute video to see the complete request experience.


Screenshot listing 4 fundraising restaurants

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Even if you already have a fundraising program and feel pretty connected to local groups, listing on GroupRaise helps you reach even more people and expand your program. 


Check out this testimonial from a Mellow Mushroom restaurant owner that used GroupRaise to strengthen his ties with nearby college clubs.


Email Promotion to Local Groups

Another way your brand gets visibility is through regular GroupRaise email promotion campaigns. While you’re listed on the platform, you’re also included in outreach to people who have already organized or attended a restaurant fundraiser in the past and new potential fundraising groups.


Check out the example email below. Based on proximity, the email suggests 3 nearby fundraising restaurants.


Screenshot of example marketing email

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Meal Promotion Page and Flyer for Each Event

The third way your restaurant gets marketed is from the fundraising groups themselves.

GroupRaise sets groups up for promotion success with an online Meal Page and shareable/printable flyer for each event. The Meal Page includes your restaurant’s name, location, and more event details. Diners RSVP online* on the Meal Page so you know how many people to expect.


*Groups must reach your restaurant’s RSVP minimum for the event to go forward. This ensures that each fundraiser you host is as successful as possible without you having to expend unnecessary resources.


Screenshot of fundraising meal promotion page

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GroupRaise Dashboard & Organization Features

GroupRaise Dashboard – Your Fundraising Hub

Your GroupRaise Dashboard is a powerful tool that saves the headache of coordinating by putting everything you need all in one place. From the dashboard, you can:


The platform automates almost all needed communication and processes, saving time and letting you get back to the other aspects of your restaurant business.


See what McAlister’s Deli had to say about their experience using the GroupRaise platform in this quick video.


Timely Email Notifications

You’ll always get an email notification whenever you receive a new request or when there are important updates related to your account and upcoming events.


Flexible, Personalized Fundraising Experience

Want to only accept non-profits? Or only want to host fundraisers Monday-Wednesday? Customize your own policies straight from your GroupRaise Dashboard! The platform is specifically designed to allow you as much flexibility as possible with your fundraising experience.


Fundraising organizers can see your availability and policies before they make a request, so you are all on the same page.


Screenshot of a restaurant calendar page showing fundraiser availability

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Customer Support

Whether you’re new to fundraising or a pro, the Customer Support team has got your back, available to answer any questions about account setup, promotion tips and best practices, and event logistics and more. You can reach them Monday-Friday at or submit a request here


The Bottom Line

GroupRaise is a simple and scalable marketing and operations solution that allows you to focus on delicious food and fundraising success!