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Surefire Fundraising Strategies for Charities

Posted by GroupRaise

At GroupRaise, we have been working with charities for years and understand how challenging it can be to look for more and more ways to fundraise. Here are some fundraising strategies that can be used by the staff or delegated to volunteers and supporters so everyone feels empowered and well-equipped to contribute.

Our job is to relieve you of the pressure of hosting fundraiser after fundraiser by making the process as quick and simple as possible for you and your volunteers. Here are a few of our favorite hacks to maximize your fundraising potential and minimize the workload.

Think Beyond the Staff

We understand a day in the life of a charity employee; it is a hectic schedule as you are continuously working on the next big campaign or event, which are critical in raising money and awareness for your cause. But the good news is that you are not alone! Volunteers, supporters, and any motivated person can host a fundraising dinner on behalf of your organization. This takes stress off of the employees and gives a fresh take on the fundraising dinners. Just think, if 20 volunteers hosted fundraisers with 50 attendees each, you have reached 1,000 people!

In our experience, charity volunteers take the personability of fundraising dinners to the next level by inviting people face to face and stirring inspiration when telling the personal story of what made them join the cause. The volunteers have such an approachable passion and warmth and can reach out to friends and family, creating an environment where people come to mingle and feel a part of something big.

Take Advantage of Periodical Events

Identify, celebrate, and capitalize on periodical events to raise money for your charity. Everyone in your organization will have a birthday once a year, there will be anniversaries, volunteer meetings, and fun nights out to celebrate the work you’ve done. Why not turn those into a fundraiser?!

It takes less than a minute to book a fundraising dinner with GroupRaise. The next time you have an event of any kind or any sort of cause to celebrate, turn that celebration into a way to raise money for your charity. Set aside one day a month to unite with the members of your organization and their friends and family to share a meal and enjoy each other’s company, with the dual purpose of fundraising!

Keep the Party Going

Does your organization host runs? Walks? Danceathons? Bake Sales? Fairs? All-day-events? These events require tireless work from everyone in the organization and there is no better way to celebrate that work by getting together and splurging on a nice meal. Why not keep the party going and raise a little extra money by choosing a GroupRaise restaurant near you and sharing a meal?

Tap Into Your Community

A local sports team is playing? The high school just performed a musical? There is an art show on mainstreet? Identifying and capitalizing on these events that are already occurring and involve a large amount of people within the local community can be a crucial aspect of your fundraising plan. Invite everyone to a fun and celebratory dinner afterward that will also raise money for your cause!

Utilize Your Social Network

Don’t limit your invitees to those who are a part of your organization; invite everyone on the PTA board and at church and the country club and your Aunt Gladys and Uncle Bob! Then have Aunt Gladys and Uncle Bob invite their next door neighbors and so on, exponentially increasing your numbers.

By reaching out beyond the stock group of people who will probably already come to the event, you are not only increasing your attendees (therefore increasing the amount of money raised) but also increasing the awareness for your cause to a wider group of people.

Whatever it may be, turn your next event into a fundraiser!