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Tips for Moms’ Fundraising Goals: Reaching 20 Supporters

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An Ode to Mothers

You are a chef, a chauffeur, a household manager, a motivational powerhouse, and on top of all that you have volunteered to fundraise for your child’s school. You are a supermom, and GroupRaise is here to help relieve some of that pressure that comes along with being a mom by doing the legwork of your upcoming fundraiser for you. Requesting a fundraiser with GroupRaise takes just one-minute. After you’ve set your date and time, your very first fundraising goal will be to obtain 20 RSVP’s, which is a no brainer if you follow these GroupRaise pro-tips for moms.

The Magic Number and the Beauty of RSVP’s

Before your date and time can be solidified, you must have 20 confirmed RSVP’s. The importance of this magic number is to ensure that your fundraiser is as successful as possible; just think, once you’ve hit 20, now you have 19 other people who all might bring 2 or 3 guests. Your fundraiser has been officially supersized.


It might seem intimidating, but reaching the magic number is a jif by following a few simple tricks, supermom-style. For instance, when you, the fundraising coordinator, set a date and time, you can RSVP for you and your family, up to 5 people total, right off the bat. Boom. One-quarter of the work is already done. And once your supporters RSVP, everything else is left in our hands, as we send email reminders of the approaching date. This simplifies your life as you will not have to worry about reminding 20 or 30 or 80 people about the PTA dinner coming up, you can rest easy knowing that everyone will stay up to date.

Start Small

It is always beneficial to start small when striving for the first 20 RSVP’s. Invite people face to face, through text or phone call–make it personal. You will have a much higher likelihood of confirmation from a personal encounter than from a group text, mass email, or Facebook group.


Invite friends, fellow mothers, the grandparents who love to support little Billy’s baseball team and the cousins he hasn’t seen since the last family reunion. Set specific fundraising goals for yourself: “If I can get 5 other moms to bring their family of 4, I’ve reached 20 supporters.”


Once you have solidified the first 20 RSVP’s, then it is time to start supersizing your fundraiser. Create a Facebook group to reach out even further and invite anyone in the community who might be interested. People come to mingle and have a good time, and the more people who are going, the more people will want to go.

Don’t Host a Fundraiser

Host a themed night or a teacher celebration or a hoora for the soccer team. Don’t ask people to come fundraise, invite them to an enticing and fun-filled night out that no one will want to miss!


Or take advantage of an already existing event like a PTA meeting or a team dinner and turn that into a fundraiser. What GroupRaise does is take a portion of the overall restaurant bill and donate it to your cause, so if you’re already going out to share a delicious meal for any alternative reason, turn that meal into an undercover fundraiser and having supporters sign up will be a no brainer. Just find a GroupRaise restaurant that fits the bill for such an occasion and start spreading the word.


This strategy worked out perfectly for the MCHS Lacrosse team, read more about their story here.


Fundraise With Ease

We are honored and humbled to be able to contribute to helping moms and all of your fundraising endeavors. We hope this helps take some of that supermom weight off your back. Now you have a plan to get your first 20 supporters–whenever you’re ready, book your fundraiser here and breathe easy!