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Your Guide to Zoup Fundraising

Posted by Laura Bilsborrow

If you’re in need of raising dough for your school, team, college club, church or charity, why not host a fundraiser at the hottest restaurant in town?


Zoup serves up incredible soup. They are also committed to building strong roots within the local community, so when your group or organization hosts a Zoup fundraising event, you’ll walk away with a whopping 20% of your supporters’ total purchases.


Keep reading to learn all about how Zoup fundraising works and why it is a great choice for your group.

Infographic: Zoup! fundraising at a glance

Image by GroupRaise

Zoup Fundraising: How It Works

In just one minute, with a few clicks, you can schedule your own Zoup fundraising event by following the steps below:


  1. Choose a Zoup location
  2. Select a date and time that’s good for your group and its supporters
  3. Complete some basic information about your organization
  4. Hit Submit. Pretty easy, right?



After your group’s information has been submitted – at least 2 weeks before your desired fundraiser date – the request is sent to the restaurant to be reviewed and approved. It doesn’t matter whether you are a PTA, college club, charity, or church – any group can fundraise!


Once you get the confirmation, blast your event’s unique GroupRaise Meal Page to all your family, friends, and supporters so they can RSVP. Facebook, Instagram, email, phone calls-use it all. The more people attend, the more money you earn for your group or charity! Is this your first time fundraising? No worries, holding a restaurant fundraiser is actually pretty easy. Check out our tips on how to promote and host a successful fundraiser.


Next, your attendees just need to show up during your event’s time slot and tell the restaurant staff they’re dining to support your cause. No setup, no teardown, no hassle-just tell everyone to show up hungry. Everyone will be dying to get some tasty soup! Finally, within 4-6 weeks after your fundraiser, Zoup will send your organization a check for 20% of the sales from your group.


Once you’ve seen for yourself how easy and fun Zoup fundraising is, you’ll be itching to host another event. Good news: you can hold as many as you want!

Bowl of tomato soup in a white bowl with basil garnish at a Zoup fundraising event

Image by Foodie Factor from Pexels

Why is Zoup right for me?

Zoup is known for their excellent food, including turkey chili and pesto three-cheese sandwiches. Whatever you choose, you’re in for a fantastic experience. All your supporters will feel welcome, with menu items to fit their tastes. Veggie-lovers, don’t fret – you’ll find plenty of vegetarian options. There are gluten-friendly options too! For more info about the selection, check out the Zoup website.


Finally, let’s not forget that Zoup donates 20% of your supporters’ orders back to your organization. At an average menu price of $12, that’s going to add up pretty quickly – resulting in a great haul for your cause!

Get Excited for a Zoup Fundraising Event

Now that you are familiar with the mouth-watering fundraising opportunities available, schedule your organization’s next fundraiser with Zoup – it’s sure to be the best fundraiser this year! Find a participating location near you or view other restaurants in your area below.