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5 College Fundraisers that Should NOT Use GroupRaise

Posted by Bennett Slavsky

GroupRaise is a fast and incredibly easy way to set up a restaurant fundraiser for your club, sports team, fraternity or sorority, local charity, etc. The entire process takes one minute to find the perfect restaurant for your cause and book a date. It will be the easiest thing you do in any given day as a college student, but there are a few types of college fundraisers that should avoid using GroupRaise… Before you begin, ask yourself these questions.


Do you enjoy asking people for money?

We wouldn’t want to take away the supreme joy of going friend to friend, club member to club member, aunt to uncle, trying to squeeze a few dollars out of their pockets for your cause. GroupRaise offers the opportunity to share a meal and a good time with friends to raise money without feeling like a fundraiser at all. But if you enjoy pestering people for nickels and dimes, by no means should you use GroupRaise.


Do you LOVE selling candles?

Come on, who doesn’t love a vanilla scented candle? Setting up a booth on campus and selling candles and silk-screened t-shirts has to be equally easy and gratifying. College students can skip a meal every once in a while to make rent, but candles are a necessity.


Do your parents keep throwing money at you?

When you tell your folks that your club baseball team needs money for fresh jerseys and they say, “Oh no problem honey, we’ll write a check. How much do you need?” you don’t need any fundraiser at all! (Don’t worry, you can still sell candles for the fun of it.)


How much do you love researching restaurants?

If it makes you feel tickled to call restaurant to restaurant, asking if they’d be willing to host your college fundraiser, then you’ve got no reason to use GroupRaise. Researching their capacity, availability, and how to collect money… we would hate to take away that good fun by doing it for you.

Do you never study?

College isn’t stressful at all, so obviously there is no need to study, right? With all that free time not studying, you can dedicate 100% of your time to brainstorming creative ways to raise funds!


Doesn’t sound like you?

These five questions don’t describe you? Good, they don’t describe any college student! I am in my fourth year at university, and I know first hand that between a full class load and a part time job that it is hard to find the time to relax, let alone raise money for extracurriculars.


Nobody like selling candles or asking for money, and college is stressful enough as is. The next time you need to raise money for your club, let GroupRaise lend a hand. CLICK HERE to book your restaurant fundraiser in less than a minute.