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Everything You Need To Know About Fundraising Sites

Posted by Katie Tincello

Fundraising sites are a fantastic resource for anyone and everyone looking to fundraise. Whether you are a part of a large group, a nonprofit organization, or are an individual embarking on a fundraising project, fundraising sites can help you launch a fantastic fundraiser, spread the word, and bring in donations for your cause. 


The number and range of online fundraising sites nowadays is astronomical! If you don’t have much experience fundraising or using these sites, it can be a little overwhelming knowing which will be the best for your unique aims and project. 


From simple donation pages to event organizing, there is a fundraising site for every charitable activity you can think of! This article breaks down what to look for in a fundraising site, the best fundraising sites for nonprofits, different ways to fundraise online, and what to expect when launching an online fundraiser.


Fundraising sites for nonprofits

Fundraising sites are an invaluable resource for nonprofit organizations. They enable groups to create fundraising campaigns, spread awareness of their cause, and raise important funds to support their work, all with minimal resources and at a low cost. 


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When researching the best fundraising sites for nonprofits, there are few key points to consider that will make your fundraising activities easier and more successful:


  • User fees: many sites offer a reduced user fee for nonprofit organizations, or even none at all. This will help keep costs down for your fundraiser.
  • Ease of use: a simple platform means less difficulty when setting up your fundraiser, especially if you’re a small team of not-so-tech-savvy people! 
  • Purpose: different online fundraising platforms are good for different fundraiser events. Sites such as Paypal are designed specifically for collecting donations, whereas other platforms like Bonfire or Donorbox are used as online fundraising stores.
  • Sharing capabilities: make sure that the platform you choose is easily integrated with other platforms and has good sharing capabilities, such as links that you can add to your website or share on social media. This is especially useful for online fundraising stores so that you can direct as many people as possible to your fundraiser link!


Here are some of our top fundraising sites for nonprofits that will help you achieve your fundraising goals!



GroupRaise is a restaurant fundraising platform that enables nonprofits and individuals to organize delicious fundraiser events with local restaurants, completely online!


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How does GroupRaise work?

The GroupRaise site contains a full directory of restaurants all across the country that offer fundraiser meals and a search bar to help you find the ones in your local area. You can search restaurants, locations, or the date you wish to hold your event on.


GroupRaise is one of the most popular fundraising sites for nonprofits because of its flexibility, ease of use, and brilliant fundraising strategy. When you book a fundraiser meal, you will also receive a unique publicity package, complete with flyers, posters, email copy and social media slogans to help you publicize your event and make it as successful as possible!


GroupRaise fees:

GroupRaise is one of the fundraising sites with no fees, and as you also won’t have to expend extra resources of publicity, it is the ideal site for a nonprofit organization.


A restaurant fundraiser also supports local businesses, meaning that not only can you raise funds for your cause and enjoy great food while doing so, but you will be backing your local community at the same time!



GroupRaise reviews:

GroupRaise reviews show just how user-friendly and enjoyable GroupRaise fundraisers are. Both individuals and nonprofit groups have used the GroupRaise platform to huge success. 


Check out the feedback here!


Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens

Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens is a popular fundraising campaign that is now available exclusively with GroupRaise. The campaign offers a higher donation percentage than other restaurants of between 40% and 70%.


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How does Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens Fundraising Campaign work?

Setting up a Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens fundraiser is incredibly easy. You can sign up and request a campaign via GroupRaise, where you can customise the donation goal, donut price, and campaign start date. You will also receive a Campaign Promotion Page to share on social media and help entice as many donut-lovers as possible!


Find a full rundown of the Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser here!


Once you’ve set up your Campaign and shared the Promotion Page, supporters can order their Digital Dozens from wherever they are in the country and enjoy some delicious donuts for a good cause.



 A Digital Dozens campaign normally lasts around 30 days, which gives plenty of time for your supporters to get hold of some donuts! The agreed percentage of sales will go back to your organization.


Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens fees:

Like GroupRaise, the GroupRaise Krispy Kreme fundraiser is without fees. It is completely free to sign up to, making it the perfect fundraiser budget-friendly fundraiser for nonprofit and charity organizations. 


Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens reviews:

There’s no doubt that the Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens fundraiser is a super convenient and delicious way to fundraise! It’s easy to set up, comes with a ready-to-use marketing package, and it’s an irresistible fundraiser – who wouldn’t say not to donuts for a good cause?!


The people can’t stop raving about Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donuts and the Digital Dozens campaign. Those who have participated previously cite the flexibility of the campaign and the fact that the whole process is contactless as hugely beneficial, and the majority of groups successfully reached their fundraising goal!


“Digital Dozens Fundraising has been effective, efficient and easy to work with. It’s always a big help for us to reach our goals. ”

– Tougaloo Womanhood (NGO)

Check out the GroupRaise Krispy Kreme Fundraiser page for more information and people’s experiences!


Donorbox is one of the most popular online fundraising sites for nonprofits. The platform is used by charities, schools, churches, and other community groups across the country to reach their fundraising goals!


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How does Donorbox work?

Donorbox allows individuals and nonprofit organizations to set up an account and create fundraising campaigns to receive donations online. The site provides many virtual fundraising platforms such as crowdfunding, fundraising forms, peer-to-peer raising, and the ability to create and events page. 


Donorbox fees:

Donorbox fees are one of the lowest of all, and for nonprofits it is free to set up. There is the option of using various more advanced integrations for a small fee, and the site also incorporates a small payment processing fee, which is capped at $25 for bank transfers.


Donorbox reviews:

Donorbox reviews are reliably positive. The platform consistently receives 4 to 5 stars for ease of use, quality, support, and effectiveness. It’s a great platform for nonprofits and individuals alike!


Bonfire Fundraiser

Bonfire is an online t-shirt fundraising site that enables organizations to custom create and sell apparel online for a cause. 


How does Bonfire work?

With Bonfire shirt fundraisers, you can launch your own Campaign where you custom design apparel to sell for your supporters, or purchase pre-made shirts in bulk to sell. The entire process, from designing your t-shirts, to selling and purchasing, is done through the Bonfire site, making it simple and easy to do.


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Bonfire fundraiser fees:

Bonfire is completely free to users! There are no costs involved in setting up a Campaign, and costs of shipping can be covered by the price that apparel is sold for. Organizations can set their own sale prices via the site. 


Bonfire fundraiser reviews:

Bonfire fundraiser reviews are resoundingly positive. From the great service to the quality of the products, it seems that Bonfire ticks all the boxes: it’s easy to use, a great way to fundraise, has good customer support, and an all-round success for people who choose to organize a bonfire t-shirt fundraiser


PayPal Fundraiser

PayPal recently launched its ‘Generosity Network’ to act as a virtual fundraiser platform for organizations.


How does PayPal Fundraiser work?

The Paypal fundraiser platform enables individuals to create a fundraiser event on the Generosity Network and raise money for their chosen cause. It’s especially easy to donate for supporters who already have a PayPal account set up. 


Paypal provides a donate button that is easy to embed into your own site. 


PayPal fees:

For charities and nonprofits, the PayPal fundraiser function is completely free to set up and use. Furthermore, the Generosity Network promises that 100% of donations will go to the chosen cause, eliminating the platform and transaction fee some other fundraising sites have.


PayPal reviews:

There have been some concerns about PayPal’s fundraiser platform and reports that funds do not always reach the charity. However, it is mostly a reliable platform that integrates well and is easy to set up via the PayPal app.


Fundraising online has never been easier

It really is true – fundraising online has never been as easy, simple, and flexible as it is nowadays! With so many great online resources and a site for every type of fundraiser possible, the options for virtual fundraising couldn’t be better. 


That said, it’s worth doing your research to make sure you choose a fundraising site that meets your needs, is reliable, and will help you create a fantastic and successful event! Some platforms are more flexible than others, while some will charge a platform or transaction fee. 


Fundraising doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Sites like GroupRaise are designed to help everyone launch their own fundraiser campaign online, at no cost and minimal hassle. Make sure to check out local restaurants where you can hold a restaurant fundraiser for your cause!



While you’re here, the GroupRaise blog is also full of fantastic tips and tricks for choosing and organizing a fundraiser, whether that be online or in-person, so make sure to stop by and have a look around!