How Can You Get More Fundraiser Requests?

Posted by Kate Christie

From sharing on Facebook or printing table tents, there are many ways to drive local fundraisers to your venue.

However, did you know that your Response Rate has an impact on requests too?


What is my Response Rate?

Your Response Rate is calculated based on how many requests you have provided a response to – i.e accepted or denied – versus how many requests have expired because of no response.


Why is it so important?

This rate is very important as it determines your listing order when groups search for participating restaurants in their communities. By accepting or denying each request your listing will remain at a high placement.

For every request that expires after 7 days – i.e. doesn’t receive a response – your listing will be negatively impacted and in severe cases removed.


How does this impact requests?

Not only is your listing placement negatively impacted with each expired request, but also is the trust in your brand. Like the saying goes “Out of sight, out of mind” and no one likes to be ignored.