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New Ways to Raise Money for Moms

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A Shout Out to Moms

From birth to eighteen, your kids will need to fundraise dozens of times for sports teams, field trips, school supplies, dances… you name it, and you’re constantly looking for new ways to raise money. Fundraising is an art, but sometimes you’re just not feeling very artistic, so we here at GroupRaise have simplified fundraisers for you. Here are just some of the reasons as to why GroupRaise is perfect for a mother’s busy schedule.

Wave Goodbye to Bake Sales and Say Hello to New Ways to Raise Money

Everyone knows you bake the best brownies in town, they are literally the talk of the school. But you’re getting tired of busting out that secret recipe and whipping up twelve batches every time the softball team needs new jerseys.


Wave goodbye to bake sales, bottle drives, silent auctions, silk-screened t-shirt selling, and all those overused ways to raise money. It takes just one minute with GroupRaise to turn any night out into a fundraising dinner for any cause.


Make it a Social Affair

Fundraising dinners are much more than just a way to raise money, they are social events, a place for people to catch up with old friends, to mingle with the other parents, for the kids to play and laugh with one another, and for everyone to come together over a delicious meal–a delicious meal that you didn’t have to cook 🙂  You can also turn any already existing event into a fundraiser through GroupRaise–is the softball coach’s birthday coming up? Throw her a party at a GroupRaise partnered restaurant near you with the dual purpose of raising money for those new jerseys. Disguise your fundraiser as a fun-filled night off!

Two Birds, One Stone

Another advantageous aspect of using GroupRaise and throwing a restaurant fundraiser for mothers, is that you get to take the night off. You, along with all the other moms who came to the event, get to kick back, laugh and relax amongst each other (perhaps drink a glass of wine), and not have to cook or clean for the night. Fundraising and relaxation all rolled into one.


No Hassle

GroupRaise simplifies every step of the fundraising process. Like we said, it takes just one minute to book a date and time for your fundraising dinner. After that, we help you with tips and tricks to maximize promotion and your fundraising potential. We also send reminders to everyone who RSVPs as the date approaches, so the worry of having to remember and remind everyone is off your shoulders. Even more simplified, there is no accounting involved; after the fundraising dinner, you will get a check delivered straight to your mailbox. No Hassle, no worries!


Learn more about how GroupRaise works here!


Being a PTA mom, or just a mom in general is a heck of a lot of work and everyone appreciates what you do–kids, teachers, coaches, etc. You help make everything in the world run smoother, and we are here to do everything we can to simplify and facilitate that smoothness. The next time funds needs to be raised, host a restaurant fundraiser with ease through GroupRaise!