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Pizza Patio Testimonial – Making Fundraising Effortless

The Pizza Patio is a pizza restaurant located at Flagstaff, AZ, that cares a lot about their local community. They are dedicated to offering great pizza & slices with creative toppings plus self-serve tap beers.   The Pizza Patio joined GroupRaise as a means to further connect with their community,… Read More

Tre Fratelli Testimonial – Building A Strong Connection With Local Community

Tre Fratelli is an Italian restaurant located at Langhorne, PA, that cares a lot about their local community. They purchase from local farmers, employ local staff, and some of their guests have been regulars since the 70’s!   Tre Fratelli joined GroupRaise in 2017 as a means to further connect… Read More

Caruso’s U District Testimonial – Making Restaurant Operations Simple

Caruso’s U District is a locally owned and operated business that strives to provide an amazing experience, delicious food and valuable relationships with their local community.   Caruso’s U District has been using GroupRaise for close to five years, raising about $20,000 for their local community!   In this video,… Read More

Why GroupRaise: Sharing Restaurant Experiences

Looking for first-hand reviews about partnering with GroupRaise? Here you’ll find inspiring testimonials from brands who are using GroupRaise to engage their local communities with restaurant fundraisers.    Keep scrolling to learn more about the experience behind hosting fundraisers and how it has helped these businesses!… Read More

Pokeworks Partners With Groupraise To Support Local Communities

Groundbreaking fast casual brand working with popular online booking engine to streamline fundraising requests   Irvine, CA  (  Fresh never tasted so good at Pokeworks. And now, getting support for local communities has never been easier.   The fast… Read More

How GroupRaise Boosts Restaurant Sales

Fundraising can be a great option to boost restaurant sales, all while building a strong connection with your local community and helping important causes.   Partnering with GroupRaise makes the experience of scheduling fundraising events easier than ever and allows you to promote your restaurant to thousands of potential new… Read More

Fundraisers Offer Impactful Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Searching around for restaurant marketing ideas yields a seeming bounty of fruitful choices. But while they are easy to find, effective ones are scarcer… but not when you work with GroupRaise!   To be sure, one GroupRaise meal a week does amazing monetary things… Read More

Lost Dog Cafe Testimonial – Bringing In New Customers Through Fundraising

Lost Dog Cafe values community over everything else. Because feeding your belly feeds your soul, they focus on providing their local audiences with high quality food, and also on being an active part of the causes they care about. In this video, Sarah White, Area Manager of 3 of… Read More

Oberweis Dairy Testimonial – Gaining Visibility Across All Locations

The Oberweis family of brands, that includes Oberweis Dairy, That Burger Joint, and Woodgrain Pizzeria, is a family-focused business that strives to provide high-quality foods and valuable relationships with their communities. Hear about Ambrosia March’s experience utilizing GroupRaise to gain visibility over their fundraising program for 60 locations and improving… Read More

MOD Pizza Testimonial – Making Fundraising Effortless

MOD Pizza Sanders owns and operates 10 successful, fast-growing MOD Pizza locations. Just like MOD Pizza Corporate, this family-oriented business believes strongly in using pizza as a vehicle to improve the lives of all those around them: their squad members, their customers and their community. Fundraising is at the… Read More