Helping restaurants connect with local causes

Step 1: Accepting a request

The experience starts with you responding to the request by logging onto Read More

How to Increase Restaurant Revenue with Takeout Fundraisers

Every penny made from hosting a fundraiser is incremental, precisely because fundraisers don’t interfere with your daily business. And this is how & why restaurants profit ($$) by giving back a percentage. Read More

Your Porsche just got simpler, faster, and greater.

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How to Promote Your Restaurant’s Fundraising Program

Here is guide to best promote your fundraising program. But first, have you thought about what you want to achieve through your fundraising program?  Read More

What is GroupRaise?

Hosting someone to your home for dinner is an enchanting experience. It puts the relationship closer by letting you share stories and thoughts over your specialty plate. We believe a fundraiser provides this exact opportunity for restaurants and their community. It lets you grow relationships with people like school moms, local soccer teams,… Read More